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    Electrical Safety Resources

    Offering Electrical Safety Resources and Tips to Property Owners Across McKinney, TX

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    The Value of AFCIs

    Fire Prevention with Mobile Homes

    GFCI Electrical Bill for Swimming Safety

    Fire Fighters and Electrical Safety!

    Hard Wired Smoke Alarms

    Dawn’s Word

    Electrical Safety: Avoid a Christmas Cat-astrophe!

    Electrical Safety: A Decorating Directive

    Electrical Safety: A Stormy Surprise

    Electrical Safety: An Enlightening Invite

    Electrical Safety: A Cord Conundrum

    Electrical Safety: Saving Swimming Day

    Electrical Safety: When School’s Out

    Electrical Safety: Sprucing Up for Spring!

    Electrical Safety: Outdoor Order or Disorder?

    Electrical Safety: Spring Clean and In Between

    Electrical Safety: Home is Where the Heart is

    Electrical Safety: Your New Year’s Checklist Quiz

    Electrical Safety: A Christmas Story

    Electrical Safety: A Focus on Gratitude

    Electrical Safety: Fire Starters Part 7

    Electrical Safety: Fire Starters Part 6

    Electrical Safety: Fire Starters Part 5

    Electrical Safety: Fire Starters Part 4

    Electrical Safety: Fire Starters Part 3

    Electrical Safety: Fire Starters Part 2

    Electrical Safety: Fire Starters Part 1

    Electrical Safety: Swimming Pool Savvy

    Electrical Safety: Being Proactive Part 8

    Electrical Safety: When You’re On the Outside

    Electrical Safety: Being Proactive Part 7

    Electrical Safety: Check It At Least Once!

    Electrical Safety: Being Proactive Part 6

    Electrical Safety: A Longer Term Lesson

    Electrical Safety: Being Proactive Part 5

    Electrical Safety: When Home Becomes Your Office

    Electrical Safety: Being Proactive Part 4

    Electrical Safety: Is Your Home Speaking to You?

    Electrical Safety: Being Proactive Part 3

    Electrical Safety: The Extension Cord Dilemma

    Electrical Safety: Being Proactive Part II

    Electrical Safety: When to Say No

    Electrical Safety: Being Proactive Part I

    Electrical Safety: Holiday Happiness Hints

    Electrical Safety: Shock Prevention in the Kitchen

    Electrical Safety: Cautions for Your Holiday

    Electrical Safety: Your Springtime Moments

    Electrical Safety: A Back to School Scenario

    Electrical Safety: Illumined Decor

    Electrical Safety: When You Travel

    Electrical Safety: A Lighting Lesson For Your Studio

    Electrical Safety: An Office Overview

    Electrical Safety: Bakin’ in the Kitchen

    Electrical Safety: Where to Plug It In

    Electrical Safety: Where is the Water?

    Electrical Safety: Left Unattended?

    Electrical Safety: Pet Safety and Home Upgrades

    Electrical Safety: Toaster Oven Tips

    Electrical Safety: Caught in a Storm?

    Electrical Safety: Is It Too Hot?

    Electrical Safety: A Power Line Position

    Electrical Safety: Appliance Awareness

    Current Events

    [HOLIDAY] Home safety tips for the Holidays

    “My Whole Hand was Black”: Student gets electrical burns while plugging in laptop at NC High School

    Hurricane Dorian: what do you do after the hurricane has passed?

    Beware of Electrical Dangers in Dorm Rooms

    Breakwater safety hazards up with high Great Lakes water levels

    Perils of High Water

    During National Safety Month, BGE reminds residents about natural gas, electrical safety

    Don’t Let Mylar Balloons Ruin the Party

    PPL Shares electrical safety lessons

    EMCC instructor promotes National Electrical Safety Month

    Flooded waterways too dangerous for boating

    National Electrical Safety Month, call before you dig

    Toronto Hydro launches new safety campaign: Downed Lines are Deadly

    South Dakota weather: how to prepare and stay safe during flooding

    PG&E to Graduates: Celebrate Safely by Securing Metallic Balloons

    Powerline Contact Continues to be Unforgiving – Powerline Safety Week starts May 13 with Ontario-wide Education Campaign

    14 Electrical Safety Tips: What to do before, after and during a storm

    May is National Electrical Safety Month

    Cleco recognizes National Electrical Safety Month

    State Fire Marshall: May is Electrical Safety Month

    Flooding in Bracebridge and heavy rain forecast across Ontario increased risk of flooding: Water and electricity are a lethal mix.

    Pacific Power spring advice: Know what’s below before you hoe

    Smart Digging Habits take a safety-first approach

    Health Department offers safety tips during flooding

    State Fire Commissioner Offers Spring Safety Tips

    CLECO offers spring cleaning safety tips

    Energy Offers Spring Forward Safety

    Flood waters overflow Ohio River in Uniontown: Tips for flood safety

    Nashville flood: What to do, who to call when weather brings flooding

    Downed Power and Utility Line Safety Tips

    Heating, Electric and water safety tips for winter storms

    Local Insurance Company Offers Fire Safety Tips

    Hurricane Michael: Staying Safe After the Storm

    Electrical Safety Authority advises Ontario Homeowners to check for electrical damage after storm

    Hurricane Season: Know the Safety Risks when the Power goes out

    Power for Progress: Stay safe, no matter the season

    Fire Safety: What students should know

    NFPA emphasizes importance of electrical safety during hurricane season

    Schneider Electric issues critical electrical safety tips as Hurricane Florence approaches the Southeast

    Hurricane Guide: Be Storm Ready, Prepare Now, Safety and Other Vital Emergency Information

    Remember Electrical Safety Rules for Kids

    Students should be aware of fire safety at college

    State Fire Marshall Urges fire safety for college students

    Back to School Safety: Teaching Children about the Dangers of Electricity

    Back to school with electric safety

    Georgia Power offers safety tips for Lightning Safety Awareness Week (June 24-30)

    ComEd provides electrical safety tips during National Safety Month

    NFPA offers tips to avoid electric shock hazards in pools and at marinas during summer months

    Electrical Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

    Utility Offers tips for storm safety

    Stay Safe working with electricity on the farm

    Spring Forward Safely. Longer days, more time outdoors calls for safety awareness

    Safety Tips for outdoor lighting during the holidays

    Halloween Decorating Safety Tips from Edison International

    Be Fire Smart with These Additional Safety Tips for Fire Prevention Week

    Georgia Power offers electrical safety tips during National Fire Prevention Week

    ESFI Promotes Electrical Safety Tips for Victims of Hurricane Irma and Harvey

    Hurricane Irma: What Not to do while your electrical power is out

    Electrical Safety after Hurricane Irma

    How to Assess Appliance Safety After Hurricane Harvey

    Keep Safe with Hurricane Irma

    Electric Company offers safety tips for storm aftermath

    Schneider Electric Recommends Precautions for Electrical Safety when Re-entering Flooded Areas

    NEMA Provides safety guidelines for safe handling of damaged electrical equipment in floods caused by Hurricane Harvey

    Flood safety tips

    14-Year-Old Fatally Electrocuted After Using Cell Phone in Bathtub

    Boat Lift involved in fatal electrocution of girl was corroded, mayor said.

    Downed Power Lines: Avoiding An Electrical Accident After a Traffic Collision

    Over 1,000 People Hurt in Marinas Every Year. Stay Safe!

    Electrical Safety Month in Naperville

    As Pool Season Begins, State Warns of Potentially Life-Threatening Electrical Hazards

    Expert Recommends Precautions to Avoid Electrical Pool Accidents

    Safety tips for boat owners

    How do you know a fair ride is safe?

    Batavia Firefighters Offer Electrical Safety Tips

    May is National Electrical Safety Month

    State Fire Marshal issues tips in advance of Electrical Safety Month

    May is Electrical Safety Month

    Teen Dies from electric shock drowning

    Flooded Waterways Too Dangerous for Boating

    Electrical Safety at Home

    Power Company Urges Electrical Safety on Thanksgiving Day

    Preventing Holiday Decorating Hazards

    Halloween Electrical Safety

    10 Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires

    Fire Safety Week: Tips for Families

    Fire Safety Reminders to Protect Your Home and Family

    6 Ways New Jerseyans Can Prevent Electrical Fires at Home, Work

    NFPA highlights tips for electrical safety

    Home Fire Safety

    Safe Electricity Warns of Added Danger in Auto Wrecks with Power Poles

    Back to School with Electrical Safety

    HECO offers safety tips for downed power lines

    Twelve Tips to Keep Your Home Electrically Safe

    A Home Electrical Safety Check-Up…

    A Basic Refresher on Electrical Safety

    Parents Raise Awareness About Electrical Shock Drowning

    Recognizing May as National Electrical Safety Month

    What Every Parent Needs to Know About Electric Shock Drowning

    Taking Action: Preventing Electric Shock Drowning

    Seasonal Resource Links

    Cleco reminds customers to decorate safely this holiday season

    Prepare for fire safety before winter’s worst

    Here are some safety tips for closing up your camp for the winter

    PG&E reminds loggers to look up and practice safe tree felling

    Summertime electrical safety: avoid risks near water

    Stay Safe from Lightning-when thunder roars, go indoors!

    Amidst severe weather, power outages, keep these electrical safety tips in mind

    Electric Safety for the New Semester

    NFPA underscores electric safety around water

    Just keep swimming-away from the dock

    Keven Moore: Electrical Shock Drowning is a silent killer-please be careful when boating this summer

    How to Protect against electric shock drowning

    NFPA underscores electric safety in pools and at the marinas

    Michigan Officials Warn Against Water-Shock Hazard

    Be Safe on the Land

    Safety in the Storm: CPSC Life-Saving Tips on Surviving the 2019 Hurricane Season

    Duke Energy urges storm preparedness for 2019 hurricane season

    May is Electrical Safety Month: TDLR Says Make Sure Electrical Work Near Water is Completed by Licensed Electricians

    Ocala Electric recognizing National Electrical Safety Month with safety tips

    Energy Advisor: Teach Kids Electrical Safety

    Know How To Stay Safe After Storms

    During National Electrical Safety Month KUA Offers Important Electrical Tips in Preparation for Severe Weather

    When Thunder Roars, go indoors: lightning safety tips

    Play it Safe at Outdoor Sports Facilities

    Yardening: now that spring is here, how does your lawn look?

    SWEPCO offers safety tips for DIYers and others heading outdoors this spring

    Severe Weather Preparedness Week: Lightning Safety

    How to use space heaters safely

    8 Winter Electrical Safety Tips

    Tips to avoid overloading electrical circuits this winter

    Put a Freeze on Winter Fires

    Use Generators carefully, for safety’s sake and your own

    State Fire Marshall reminds Michiganders of fire safety during the holiday season

    VUPS offers tips to keep your holidays safe

    Waterloo North Hydro out with decorating safety tips

    Around the House: Safety Tips for Christmas decorating

    NYSEF offers holiday safety and efficiency tips

    Remember fire safety when celebrating this holiday season

    Tips for holiday lighting and tree safety

    Tucson Fire warns residents about seasonal safety

    Lighting safety is a bright idea

    Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays

    Bright ideas for home lighting during National Home Fire Safety Week

    Decorating Safely for the holidays

    Avoiding electrical fires tops firefighters’ holiday wish list

    National Fire Prevention Association releases safety tips for holiday decorating

    Networx: House Fire Safety

    ‘Remember to look up’: Power company offers safety tips

    Safe guidelines for use: Space Heaters

    Electrical Safety Reminder issued for harvest season

    Pacific Power offers tips for safe yard work this fall

    Electrocution on the Farm

    SWEPCO talks summer safety tips

    Utility company warns pool owners of electrical dangers

    Keep safety in mind during a thunderstorm

    It’s Hurricane Season: You Have the Power to Be Prepared!

    Electric Shock Drowning-What Is It?

    Beware weather, electrical dangers

    Hot Tips to Help You Avoid Home Heating Fires

    Ways to protect your home from the cold weather

    Five Things you should know about space heaters

    Safety Concerns arise amid cold weather, holiday

    10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

    Give Safety a Shot When Preparing for Hunting

    Harvest season safety tips

    After the Outage: 7 Tips for When the Power Comes Back On

    Stay Safe from Lightning-When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!

    Vatterott-Joplin Offers Summertime Backyard Electrical Safety Tips

    Power Company Offers Summertime Storm Safety Tips

    NFPA and ESFI work to reduce fatalities caused by electric shock drowning in pools and at marinas

    Residents are encouraged to practice lightning safety

    Hay Safety: Tips to Prevent a Barn Fire

    Protecting Your Home from Electrical Fires Caused by Appliances

    DNR offers tips on how to prevent electric shock drowning

    Help Prevent electric shock drowning, swimming tragedies

    Tips for swimmers, pool and boat owners on avoiding potential electrical hazards

    Electrical Deaths Raise Awareness as Summer Starts

    Do-It-Yourselfers, Make Safety and Efficiency a Top Priority

    3 Tips to reduce risk when working on outdoor electrical projects

    Summer Pool Dangers You Should Know Of

    Electricity and Water Can Be Lethal

    Don’t Be Shocked! Keep Your Family Safe Around Pools and Lakes This Summer

    Networx: 7 Outdoor Lighting Tips to Keep You Safe This Summer

    Expert Recommends Precautions to Avoid Electrical Pool Accidents

    Safety tips for boat owners

    Electric Shock Drowning: Hidden Danger at the Lake

    Farm Safety Check: Electrical Safety

    Enhance Pool Safety: Help Protect Your Family From Electric Shock Drowning

    Electric Shock Drowning-The Hidden Dangers to Swimmers and Boaters

    Electrical Connections warns residents of electrical shock drownings

    Electrical Utilities Warn of the Dangers of Overhead Power Lines

    Electrical Safety: Your Springtime Moments

    Indoor Electrical Safety Reminders

    Space Heater Safety

    Be Prepared for Severe Storms

    Weathering a Winter Storm

    Generator Safety

    Electrical Safety on the Farm Demands Thinking Ahead

    Tips for Buying and Using Portable Electric Space Heaters

    Wires Down? Watch Out! Downed Power Line Safety Tips

    Practice Electrical and Security Safety, reduce risk in your home

    Keep Warm Safely with JFRD Space Heater Tips

    With Central Texas Cold Weather Here in Earnest, Space Heater Safety is Critical

    Promptly dispose of Christmas trees after the holiday season

    Seasonal Electrical Safety Tips

    Safety First When Stringing Holiday Lights

    Holiday Fire Safety Urged This Season

    Reduce Fire/Theft Risk This Winter

    Excel Energy Offers Tips for Staying Safe in Winter

    Great Falls Fire Rescue Offers Residential Winter Safety Tips

    12 Ways to Holiday Electrical Safety

    Safe Electrical Tips for Holiday Decorations

    Workplace Holiday Safety

    Central Maine Power Offers Holiday Safety and Efficiency Tips

    State Fire Marshal Issues Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

    How to Keep Holiday Decor from Being Fire Hazards

    Christmas Lighting Conservation and Safety Tips

    Be aware of Electrical Safety During Christmas Season

    Utility Offers Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

    Electrical Safety Tips from SWEPCO for the Christmas Season

    Top 5 Safety Tips for Decking the Halls This Holiday Season

    Holidays Often Lead to More Kitchen Fires

    Reduce the Risk of Fire by Practicing Electrical Safety in Your Home

    Thanksgiving Fire Safety Tips from NFPA

    Set the Table for Safety: Thanksgiving Cooking Safety

    Holiday Electrical Safety Reminders PSA

    Feasts, Football and Electrical Safety

    8 Tips for a Sparkling AND Safe Holiday

    Protect Children from Holiday Electrical Hazards PSA

    Fall Weather and Electrical Safety

    Like People, Power Tools Need Checkups

    PUC urges safety when working near power lines

    Farm and Electrical Safety

    Father speaks out on the dangers of electric shock drowning (video)

    Dorm Safety

    Maui Electric Urges Public to be Prepared as Storms Approach

    Lightning Safety Outdoors

    Electrical Safety: Where Is The Water?

    NFPA and ESFI share Boating and Marina Electrical Safety Resources

    Home Disaster Safety

    Hurricane Season Safety Tips and Resources from Georgia Power

    5 Minutes to Live: Swimming Pool Electrical Shocks

    Safe Electricity Advises, “If you feel a shock, swim away from the dock”

    Beware of Electrical Hazards While Boating

    Safety Tips for National Electrical Safety Month

    What You Need to Know About Electric Shock Drowning

    Tips for Staying Safe Around Electricity

    May is National Electrical Safety Month

    Safe Electricity Reminds Farmers to Keep Safety Top of Mind

    Lawns, Gardens and Electrical Safety

    UES Offers Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips for Spring

    Pool Safety: How to avoid electric shock in water

    What to do when stormy weather hits

    5 Electrical Risks to Avoid This Season

    Power Line Safety Tips At Home and At Play

    Spring Safety Tips

    5 Things to Know About Dock Safety at Lake of the Ozarks

    Food Safety: High Water, High Stakes

    Learn To Be Safe When Flooding Hits

    Space Heater Virtual Demonstration

    Spring Cleaning and Electrical Safety

    Safe Electricity Provides Essential Guidelines for Generator Safety

    Heating Safety Tips

    How Not to Use a Generator

    Portable Generator Safety: Generate Safety

    Excel Energy Offers Winter Storm Safety Tips

    Put a Freeze on Winter Fires

    Holiday Light Electrical Safety (Podcast)

    Check the Bulbs, Rusty: How to Light Up Safely Over the Holidays

    Holiday Lighting Safety Message

    Consumers Energy Offers 10 Electric Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

    APS Urges Safety Around Electricity This Holiday

    Decorating Smart: Avoiding Electrical Fires During the Holidays

    7 Tips to Light Your Home Right for Christmas

    Get Festive with Outdoor Holiday Decorations

    Holidays Can Be Hazardous for Your Pets

    Christmas 911: Holiday Hazards by the Numbers

    The Right Light: Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

    Safe Electricity and Survivor of Holiday Lighting Accident Share Life-Saving Safety Lessons

    Deck the Halls: 3 Things to Know About Decorating this season

    Homeview: Is Electrical Safety at the top of your holiday list?

    Prevention-The Gift that Keeps on Giving

    (Safely) Home for the Holidays?

    Power for Progress: Electric Safety Tips for the fall season

    Halloween Safety

    National Weather Service Issues Flooding Safety Tips

    Safe Electrical Tips for Farmers

    Fall Safety Tips

    For National Preparedness Month, PG&E Helps Customers Create Plans to Stay Safe During Earthquakes, Wildfires and Extreme Weather

    Safe Electricity Encourages Homeowners to Look Out for Power Lines

    Hawaiian Electric Companies Prepare for Hurricane Ingnacio

    Teach Students About Electrical Safety Before They Head to College

    Know How to Stay Safe After Storms

    Playing It Safe With Your Electricity During Arizona Monsoon Season

    Officials Offer Lightning Safety Tips

    Utility Offers Emergency Electrical Safety Tips as Hurricane Tracks Toward State

    Rocky Mountain Power Urges Electrical Safety in Summer Activities

    How to Avoid Electrical Hazards in Your Backyard

    “Life Saving” Lessons to be Learned

    HVAC Maintenance: Get Your Ducts in a Row

    Think Safety Before Firing Up the Grill

    Five Safety Tips For a Safe Holiday

    APS Urges Electrical Safety (Holiday)

    Dock Dangers: Dock Inspection Process Uneven

    Electrical Safety Key for dock and home

    Top 7 Summer Safety Tips for Property Owners in North Simcoe

    Safety Tips for Lightning Safety Awareness Week

    Dangers of Electrocution near boat docks

    Top Electrical Tips to Make Your Summer Safer

    Put Safety First at Your Summer Celebration

    Look Up and Look Out! Toronto Hydro wants you to stay safe this summer

    From the Community: ComEd Launches Power Line Safety Awareness Campaign

    Delmarva Power Gives Water Sport Electric Safety Tips

    ESFI Offers Tips for Preventing Boating-Related Electrical Incidents

    Electrical Safety: Think Outside the Home

    May is National Electrical Safety Month

    Summer’s a Season for Safety

    Guelph Hydro Reminds Residents of Power Line Safety

    Tips for Electrical Safety Month

    Get the Summer Season Off to a Safe Start

    #RespectthePower: Powerline Safety Awareness Week May 11 to 17 Urges Ontarians to be Mindful of Power Lines

    Be Safe with Electricity this spring

    Carbon Monoxide From Electrical Generator Kills Family of 8

    Springtime is a great time to review outdoor electrical safety precautions

    TEP Offers Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips for Spring

    Spring cleaning means spring electrical inspections

    Portable Heaters

    State Fire Marshall Offers Tips to Prevent Fires

    Safety Tips for Winter Storms

    ESFI Warns of Storm-Related Electrical Hazards in Anticipation of Storm Juno

    NFPA Safety Tips: Home Heating Safety

    Ten Winter Fire Safety Tips

    The Dangers of Electric Space Heaters

    Electrical Fire Kills dozens of animals at South Carolina Animal Park

    Electrical Fires are often preventable

    Space Heaters

    Work Related Electrical Safety

    More Electrical Fatalities at Home than at Work in Ontario

    Farmers: Increase Your Safety Yield During Harvest

    Electrical Safety: 14 tips to prevent workplace accidents

    General Outdoor Safety: Look Up for Power Lines and Stay Safe

    Prepare Your Business and Recover from a Natural Disaster

    Electrical Safety Group Unveils videos, infographics for workers in non-electrical jobs

    ESFI Releases Updated Resources on Electrical Safety

    Be careful around power lines

    Ameren Illinois issues tips for National Farm Safety and Health Week

    Ameren Illinois reminds farmers to take safety precautions

    Safety Tip: Using Extension Cords

    Farm Animals will keep dying if barn fire safety isn’t taken seriously

    Electric Power Safety for Fire Fighters

    MaintenX International Shares Tips for Ensuring Electrical Safety this Summer

    Don’t Underestimate Electricity’s Dangers

    4 Tips to prevent electrical hazards on the job site

    Fire Safety in the Workplace

    Power Line and Electrical Safety-Sims Crane Minute

    Electrical Safety: GFCIs and Cords

    Electrical Safety: An Office Overview

    Electrical Safety: A Power Line Position

    IPSSA Commercial Poolside Electrical Safety

    Safety Check: Electrical Safety Basics and Tips Part II

    Sourcing Electrical Components? Always Buy Authentic

    Electrical Safety: Underground Contact

    Safety Check: Electrical Safety Basics and Tips Part I

    Electrical Safety

    Understand the Dangers of Electrical Shock

    Workplace Electrical Hazards

    Prevent Electrical Shocks in Your Workshop

    Electrical Safety

    Here’s 13 Tips to keep farmers safe

    NPPD Urges Electrical Safety During Harvest Season

    Safe Electrical Tips for Farmers

    Look Up and Live: Rower Districts Offer Safety Lessons for Fall Harvest and Beyond HHD

    Loved Ones of Victims Speak After Electrical Accident that Killed 1, critically injured 2

    Construction Worker Hospitalized After Suffering Electrical Shock While Repairing Farmington Water Main

    Electrical Safety: Curtis Weber Story

    G & K Services Helps Businesses Focus on Workplace Safety During National Safety Month

    Working Safety Around Electrical Hazards

    Electrical Hazards

    Avoid Electrical Hazards on the Farm

    Nurse’s Notes: Take Steps to Stay Safe Around Irrigation pipe, power lines

    Electric Shock Survivor Talks About Risks During National Electrical Safety Month

    NPPD: Review for Electrical Safety

    Ameren Electrical Linemen Stay Connected to Safety

    Investigators to Focus on Two Likely Causes

    Avoiding Electrical Hazards with Cal Ripken, Jr and Northern Safety

    Heating Things Up at the Office

    Ontario’s Electrical Safety Record Improves, Workers Still at Risk

    Safety Tips for the Harvest Season

    MidAmerican Energy offers tips for safety during harvest season

    Safe Electricity Cautions Farmers to Steer Clear of Overhead Power Lines

    The Shocking Truth about Electrical Power

    PG&E Offers Tips to Farm Workers to Safely Work Around Electric and Gas Lines

    Consumers Energy Urges “S

    afety First” with Utility Poles

    General Electrical Safety Tips

    Kim Bass: Electrical Safety in the Home

    Look Up and Live

    How to Handle Six Common Electrical Hazards

    For Home Improvements Projects You Shouldn’t Cut Corners

    Electrical Safety tips at home

    Five Electrical safety tips you should know for your home

    Expert: Be careful around electricity; call an electrician

    Here is What to do if You Encounter Downed Wires

    Home Check: Electrical Safety Room-by-Room

    What You Need to Know About GFCI Outlets

    Home Improvement Insight: Five Tips to Redesign with kids’ safety in mind

    Power Outage? You don’t have to be left in the dark

    Your Car and Lightning: What Makes It Safe?

    Hazards of low level electrical safety

    How to Stay Safe During Stormy Weather

    Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors


    Flooding Provides Its Own Set of Electrical Hazards

    Room by Room: Home Electrical Safety

    The ABCs of AFCIs and GFCIs: Your Protection from Home Electrocution

    Surge Protector-Power Bar Safety

    May is National Electrical Safety Month

    Avoid Electrial Hazards with Your Devices

    Pet-Proof Your Home

    Electrical Safety

    Know How to Stay Safe During a Power Outage

    Don’t Let Metallic Balloons Ruin the Party

    Power Outages and Electrical Safety

    Home Electric Safety: Electricity and Water Don’t Mix

    Edwin warns about risk of electric shock during flooding

    Homeowners: Be Prepared

    A Power line falls on your car, what do you do?

    Electrical Safety: Bakin’ in the Kitchen

    Electrical Safety: Pet Safety and Your Home Upgrades

    Electrical Safety: Caught in a Storm?

    Atlantic City Electric Reminds Customers to Be Safe Around Overhead Power Lines

    Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Power Lines

    Safety Tips from Georgia Power for National Electrical Safety Month

    Use BC Hydro’s Down. Danger. Dial Advice to Save Lives

    Disagreement over the safety of electrical outlets

    Know How to Stay Safe If Your Car Crashed into a Power Pole

    Shocking Facts About Electrical Safety

    Downed Power Line Safety-Downed and Dangerous

    Toronto Hydro Launches New Electrical Safety Campaign

    Outdoor Electrical Safety PSA

    POP QUIZ! Is Your Electrical IQ What It Should Be?

    6 Dangerous Myths About Electrical Safety

    Firefighters offer electrical safety tips

    Flooding Provides Its Own Set of Electrical Hazards

    Electrical Safety

    Flood Safety: High Water, High Stakes

    Tamper Resistant Receptacles

    Switch to Safety

    Surge and Protect

    Do You Have the Proper Permit?

    Obvious Threats Around the House

    Understanding the Ins and Outs of Electrical Outlets

    21st Century Reasons to Update Your Electrical System

    Old Electrical Systems a Setback

    City Recommends Inspections to Prevent Electrical Fires

    Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacles

    May is Electrical Safety Month

    National Electric Safety Month: Switch Attention to Safety

    Mike Holmes: Futzing with your home’s electrical repairs will come back to burn you

    Plan for Your Home Addition/Remodel Electrical Needs

    Tillammok PUD recognizes National Electrical Safety Month

    Energy Adviser: Use Caution Around Downed Power Lines

    Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Power Lines

    Protect Your Family 3 Ways

    How to Protect Against Electrical Surges

    Inspecting Aluminum Wiring

    Powerline Safety

    Understanding Electrical Inspection

    Does Your Electrical System Need Updating?

    Electrical Panel Upgrade-When and Why

    ESFI: Make Electrical Safety a Priority in 2015

    Shopping for Electronics? How to Protect Big Ticket Items

    Electrical Safety

    Aluminum Electrical Wire in Homes Linked to Fires

    Watch for Electrical Hazards in Your Home

    Toronto Hydro’s Pet Safety Week: Keep Electrical Cords Out of Sight

    Online Game helps Ontarians spot electrical hazards lurking in their homes

    Electrical Safety During and After Storms

    Flood Safety Information

    A List of Fire Hazards in Dorm Rooms

    Do It Yourself (DIY) Electrical Safety

    Protect Your Home and Family from Electrical Accidents

    May is National Electrical Safety Month

    Earthquakes, Wildfires and Floods

    Ontario Flooding: Water and Electricity are a Lethal Mix!

    Home Electrical Safety Tips for Older Adults


    NV Energy Gives Electrical Safety Tips for Home

    Home Wiring Safety Tips

    Permits help ensure house meets basic standards

    Electrical Safety for Older People

    Gas and Electrical Equipment Safety in Floods

    Flood Safety

    How to Test an AFCI

    Fire Events

    Unlicensed Electrical Work blamed for house fire in Springfield

    Officials Warn Residents after 2 homes damaged by electrical fire

    Lubbock Fire Rescue Warns of Electrical Overloads in Homes After 2 Weekend Fires

    Family: 8 Year old injured in Tampa Fire has died

    Electrical Failure causes fire at West Austin school

    NW Omaha fire blamed on Electrical Malfunction

    Fire Prevention

    Prevent the hazard of overloaded electrical circuits

    Firefighters warn of electrical fires during colder months

    Area Firefighters offer safety tips after mobile home fire kills Yakima woman

    Fox43 Reveals: A Common Culprit of house fires we wouldn’t suspect

    Prevent the hazard of overloaded electrical circuits

    Prevent the hazard of overloaded electrical circuits

    Home electrical safety tips and rules to help prevent fires

    Fire leaders share tips for avoiding electrical fires

    Fire safety in spotlight after a local child’s death

    Fire Department shares electrical safety tips

    Overloaded electrical circuits present fire hazard

    Electrical Fires and Safety

    State Fire Marshall says fire deaths remain low in 2019

    More than half of home fires are caused from electrical issues

    Rural/Metro Fire: Electrical Safety in the home tips

    Do you know what causes most midstate fires? It’s something you likely do every day

    Look, Listen and Learn: EPFD provides fire safety tips during fire prevention week

    Do you have these 3 common causes of electrical fire in your home?

    KVFD gives tips on electrical fire hazards, how to spot potential issues

    Energy Advisor: Keep Your Home Safe and Healthy

    Twenty ways to cook up some safety at home

    How to teach kids about fire safety

    9 Electrical Safety Tips to Help Protect Homes and Businesses

    Fire Safety: Defend Your Home

    Electrical Safety Month Tips

    RMP Reminds Safety Around Electricity

    NFPA, ESFI Emphasize Importance of Electrical Fire Safety during National Electrical Safety Month

    State Fire Marshal issues tips in advance of Electrical Safety Month

    May is Electrical Safety Month

    Sawdust, loose outlets and other hidden fire risks

    Hidalgo Co Marshal’s Office Shares Ways to Prevent Electrical Fires

    Electrical Outlets

    Be Fire Prevention Smart-Don’t Get Burned!

    Is It Time to Update Your Home’s Electrical System?

    Philadelphia Fire Department Compiles Home Fire Safety Recommendations

    How to Check for Electrical Fire Hazards in Your Home

    Avoid Christmas Tree fires with simple safety measures, three-pronged plugs

    Experts Say Electrical is the 3rd Cause of Household Fires in the Nation

    Fire Safety Reminders to Protect Home, Family

    Ask a Firefighter: College presents particular fire hazards

    Fire Prevention Week: How Your Family Can Practice Fire Safety

    Off Campus Fire Safety Tips

    Electrical Fire Warning Signs

    Electrical Safety No 1 Priority

    Electrical Safety: A Lighting Lesson for Your Studio

    8 On Your Side: Polk Homeowner worried about safety after electric system upgrade

    Minimize Your Home’s Risk of Electrical Fire

    Electrical Safety: Where To Plug It In

    The Most Common Places that Fires Occur in the Home

    Electrical Safety: Left Unattended?

    Electrical Safety: Toaster Oven Tips

    Electrical Safety: Is It Too Hot?

    Electrical Safety: Appliance Awareness

    Lightning Safety Tips for Your Home

    Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs): Prevent Electrical Fires

    Reaching to Safety: Use Extension Cords Properly

    May 2016 is National Electrical Safety Month

    Don’t Overload Your Home

    Pocatello Fire Department Shares Electrical Fire Safety Tips

    Electrical Safety in the Home

    Electrical Safety 101: Overloading Circuits

    Fire Safety Tips for Your New-to-You Home

    Costly Electrical Fires Can Be Prevented

    Fire Safety Tips: Electrical Safety in the Home

    Are Your Old Extension Cords a Fire Hazard?

    If you can’t stand the heat…prevent kitchen fires

    How to Prevent Home Cooking Fires

    Fire Warning About Space Heaters

    Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives

    9 Simple Ways to Minimize Your Home’s Risk of Electrical Fire

    NFPA Fire Fighters On Their Way

    14 Bad Habits That Could Burn Down Your House

    Fire Safety Education Video

    Fire Prevention Week: Chief Talks Electrical Safety

    Reduce the Risk of Electrical Fires in the Home

    Top 5 Signs of Electrical Problems that could start a fire

    Hydro One’s Fire Prevention Tips

    Don’t let the electrical system in your Nashville home cause fire damage

    Should You Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Outlets?

    Home Repair You Must Do Now

    Home Fire Safety Tips

    County Fire Chief warns citizens not to use extension cords to power AC Units

    Learn How to Prevent Electrical Fires in Your Home

    Plug In To These Safety Tips

    Extension cords, electrical cords and outlet safety: what you need to know

    Staying Safe Around Electricity

    May is National Electrical Safety Month: Learn How to Prevent Electrical Fires in Your Home

    May is Electrical Safety Month-electrical fires leading cause of fire deaths in 2014

    Energy Adviser: Beware of Faulty Wiring in the Home

    Ways to Reduce Danger from Electrical Fires

    Experts Offer Electrical Fire Safety Tips

    Pocatello Fire Department Shares Electrical Fire Safety Tips

    Fire Marshall Urges Home Fire Safety

    Spring Forward and Change Your Smoke Alarm Battery

    Firefighters warn of extension cord danger

    Avoid Electrical Fires at Home

    For Kids

    Top 10 Rules for Electrical Safety

    This child proofing technique could be putting your kid at risk

    Talk safety to your kids as they head back to school

    Back-to-School Safety Tips For Kids

    Dos and Don’ts to Keep Kids Safe Around Electricity

    Tamper Resistant Receptacles: Is Your State Keeping Children Safe?

    What to do if your child has received an electrical shock

    Home Safety Council and Code Red Rover: I Spot Something Hot

    For Kids! CFL Charlie and LED Lucy Explain Electrical Safety

    Is Your Home as Childproofed as You Think?

    How Protected are Children from Electric Shock?

    11 Deadly Risks Lurking in Your House

    Prevent Electrical Accidents Among Children

    A “Shocking” Lesson

    Play It Safe Around Electricity

    Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms: Great App for Fire Prevention Week!

    Firetruck fun in preschool

    New Consumer Energy App helps teach Warner Elementary 4th graders about electrical safety

    Sparky Fire Prevention Week Fire Safety For Kids

    ATCO Energy Theatre launches new mobile app to help promote safety with kids

    Switched On Kids website

    He’s back! “Louie the Lightning Bug” returns to show students how to be safe around electricity

    Spring into Electrical Safety with Your Children

    Fire Safety

    Wisconsin Public Service teaches electrical safety to school children

    Outdoor Electrical Safety for Kids

    Agricultural Safety Day Covers All Bases

    Electrical Wizard (book)

    Energy Efficiency

    Electrical Tips for The Winter Season

    13 Energy Efficient Tips for the Kitchen

    Saving Money by unplugging appliances

    Resolve to Save Energy This Year

    7 Electrical Use Mistakes That Will Cost You

    It’s a new year and a new opportunity to save both energy and money

    Tips that will help you save energy in your home this winter

    Americans Conserve on Electrical Use

    Electrical Safety and Fire Prevention Videos (for kids and adults)

    Tiffany’s Story: A Life Cut Short

    Cords and Outlets with Safety Sadie

    Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

    Home Electrical Safety: Always Look Up, All Ways

    Call Before You Dig

    Power line and Car Safety

    Electrical Safety Month

    ESFI Consumer Electrical Safety During Disasters

    Look Listen Learn-Be Aware. Fire Can Happen Anywhere

    Call Before Ya Dig

    Preventing Shocks

    PHAD: Powerline Hazard Awareness Demonstration Unit-Electrical

    7 Steps to Electrical Safety

    Electrical Safety-Farm Equipment

    2017 TLC “Safe on the Bus”

    Safety First-Kitchen Fire Safety

    Hidden Electrical Hazards P. 1

    Five Unexpected Fire Hazards You Might Find in Your Home

    The Hazard Kitchen | Portable Kitchen Fire Simulator

    How to Avoid Electrical Hazards

    What is a GFCI outlet?

    DTE Kids Downed Power Lines

    Avoid Overloaded Outlets

    Kitchen Safety Tips: 4 Ways to Help Prevent Fires

    Safety Tips: Downed Power Lines

    Healthy Home-Preventing Electrical Fires

    Safety Zone: Electrical Safety

    Kid’s Safety

    Fire Prevention 24/7

    Preventing Kitchen Fires

    Spotting Fire Hazards in Your House

    Decorating Dangers

    Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays

    Kitchen Safety Top Tips

    Select Extension Cords to Meet Your Needs PSA

    Be Aware of Holiday Decorations, Electrical Hazards

    Electric Shock Drowning Information from BoatUS

    Big Lake Death Shines Spotlight on Electric Shock Drowning

    Downed Power Lines

    The Seven Most Common Ways House Fires Start: Home Safety

    Electrical Public Safety: Downed Power Line Safety

    Fire Prevention and Safety Awareness

    Safety Tips: Smoke Alarms

    Hazards and Safety

    Sparky the Fire Dog shows how to find out the age of a smoke alarm

    Fire Safety for Older Adults

    Sparky Music Video: Have Two Ways Out

    AEP Shares Power Line Safety Tips

    Summer Outdoor Safety Electrical Tips

    Safety Tips: Downed Power Lines

    Electrical Safety – Boat And Water

    Kitchen Safety Tips

    ESFI: Outlets, The Ins and Outs – Do You Need to Upgrade?

    Electrical Public Safety: Safety Tips

    Safety Tips: Electrical

    Q&A Fire Prevention Episode: Round One Safety Tips

    Stay Safe Around Power Lines

    Electrical Safety

    Counterfeit Cord Safety PSA

    Electrical Safety: Underground Contact

    Power Line Safety

    2016 TLC “Recognize, Respect, Report” (Family Survival Story)

    Be Cool About Fire Safety

    Growing Safely: Farm Electrical Safety

    Generator Safety

    Indoor Electrical Safety

    Wired for Safety PSA

    Travelers: Stay Safe: Electrical Hazards When Using a Generator

    Chapter 5: How to Respond to Electrical Emergencies

    Outdoor Electrical Safety PSA

    Outdoor Electrical Safety Chapter 5

    Outdoor Electrical Safety Chapter 3

    Delmarva Power Electrical Safety

    Outdoor Electrical Safety Chapter 2

    Electricity in Action: Be Smart, Be Safe

    What Are Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRR)?

    My Life as a Lineman

    Power Line Safety Demonstration (for Kids)

    Safety Tips: Use of Electrical Appliances

    Power Line Safety For Farmers

    Electrical Safety in the Office

    Outlets, The Ins and Outs-Do You Need an Upgrade?

    Live Line Safety

    Cooking Safety Tips for Older Adults

    Stay Away Stay Alive-Electrical Safety Rules

    Electrical Safety: Downed Wires

    4 Tips to Keep Your Older Homes Safe From Common Electrical Problems

    Electrical Safety Kids

    This Might Shock You: Downed Power Line

    Space Heater Virtual Demonstration

    Home Heating Safety Tips for Older Adults

    Outdoor Electrical Safety PSA

    Yule Light Up My Life

    Fire Prevention and Home Safety

    Sparky and the Runaway Robot

    Sparky’s ABCs of Fire Safety

    Fire Safety Video for Kids with Recess Monkey and Sparky the Fire Dog

    NFPA Fire Fighters On Their Way

    Halloween Safety Tips for Children

    Stop, Drop and Roll

    Look Up, Live PSA

    Fire Safety: What Every Child Should Know

    Fire Safety for Children: The Friendly Fireman

    Safe Cooking

    Fire Safety Education Video

    Accidents and Downed Power Lines

    TLC: Caught in a Storm

    Electrical Emergencies

    Extension Cords Safety Virtual Demonstration

    Electrical Safety

    Growing Safely-Farm Electrical Safety

    Mississippi Power – Electrical Safety

    “I Didn’t Want to Die!” Story of Paul Hebert

    Space Heater Fire Survivor Shares Message This is Gary’s Story

    Safe Digging At Home

    Large Equipment/Power Line Safety-Teach, Learn, Care (TLC)-Jim Flach’s Story

    Lee and Ashley’s Story of Survival

    Electrical Safety Tips for Kids: Home Safety

    Caitlyn MacKenzie TLC Web Story

    ESFI Counterfeit Charger Short

    Eric’s Story: Surviving An Electrical Accident

    Electrical Safety: Curtis Weber Story

    Electrical Safety: Home Electricity Danger

    Electric TV: Electric Safety for Kids

    Tamper Resistant Receptacles

    How to Avoid Electrical Hazards

    Safety Around Electricity

    P.I. Plug’s Smoke Alarm Safety Video

    Smoke Alarm Virtual Demonstration

    Home Fire Safety Tips

    TRR Virtual Demo (Tamper Resistant Outlets)

    Super Smart Fire Safety Rules for Kids

    Cleco Hot Spot

    Kids Safety

    Indoor Electrical Safety (for kids)

    Fire Safety for Children-How to Teach Children About Fire Safety

    Home Heating Safety

    Bathroom Safety

    Safety at Home

    Home Safety

    Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) Virtual Demonstration

    Electrical Safety (Kites/Climb Spots)

    Electrical Safety During a Hurricane

    Fire Safety for Families of Children with Special Needs

    Monsanto and FFA Partner on Safety: Part 4: Farm Electrical Safety

    P. I. Plug’s 4 Seasons of Safety Tour

    Safe Not Sorry Part II

    Safe Not Sorry Part I

    Electrical Safety for Kids-“Play It Safe Around Power Lines”

    So what you gonna do?

    Storm Safety

    Electrical Safety Hazards at Home

    Outdoor Electrical Safety

    Home Electrical System Safety

    Portable Heater Safety

    Auto Accidents and Electrical Safety

    Mississippi Power Electrical Safety for Kids: “Be Cool with Chords”

    Dan Doofus: An Alarming Trend (Smoke Alarms)

    Holiday Electrical Safety

    Think Fast: What if a power line falls on your car?

    Increase of falls, electrical fires and car crashes over the holidays

    Electrical Safety

    How GFCIs can protect from Electrical Shock and Death

    Surge Protection and Electrical Safety Tips from ESFI

    Extension Cords and Holiday Electrical Safety Tips from ESFI

    Electrical Safety NFPA Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter AFCI

    Safety Zone: Electrical Safety

    Farm Electrical Safety

    Electrical Safety

    Portable Generator Safety

    AFCI Electrical Safety-Hints for Homeowners-NAPSTV

    NFPA Safety Tips: Outdoor Electrical Safety

    Outdoor Electrical Safety

    Electrical Safety

    Fire Safety Song For Kids

    10 Shocking Facts About Electrical Safety by ESA

    Electrical Fire Safety

    Electrical Safety: How to Keep Yourself and Others Safe!

    Safety Tips: Space Heaters

    All About AFCI Outlets

    Home Electrical Fire Safety

    Counterfeit Cord Safety PSA

    Holiday Fire Safety

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