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    Electrical Safety: When You’re on the Outside

    As temps warm up and summer is on the horizon, you may be thinking about spending more time outdoors, choosing to relax with the breeze blowing on your face and perhaps enjoying some social time with friends and family. But with outdoor activity planned, we must also keep electrical safety top of mind so our enjoyment of the season isn’t eclipsed by unexpected dangers.

    Here at Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC, we will share three areas of electrical hazards that can be common when you’re on the patio or in your yard and what you can do to avoid them.

    1. Unprotected Exterior Outlets: It is vitally important for your home’s outdoor outlets to provide shock prevention protection since there may be the presence of water, whether from a recent rain storm, from the summertime sprinkler running (keeping those kiddos happy), or simply moisture from humidity of summer days. Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors are essential for this protection; so if your exterior outlets aren’t GFCI protected, be sure to get an upgrade. It can make all the difference between safety and a nasty surprise or worse!

    2. Use of extension cords: First, you want to be sure that your extension cord is for outdoor use if that’s where you’ll be when using it, since it provides extra protection from hazards. Second, you don’t want to use more than one extension cord at a time; in other words, no piggy backing! This can lead to overheating and electrical fire. Third, be sure to maintain your extension cord by looking for any wear and tear to help avoid electrical shock. Fourth, only use an extension cord for temporary usage. They are not meant to be used for the long term due to overheating hazards.

    3. Use of electrical devices: Think laptop, iPad, smart phone. If you’ve got it plugged in while outdoors, be sure to protect your devices from moisture or accidental spillage of your favorite beverage. Keep an eye out for wear and tear on your charger and keep your devices away from water when plugged in; swimming pools and hot tubs are not a safe place to use electrical devices. Always proceed with caution to avoid electrical hazards!

    And here’s a bonus! Know where the power lines are in proximity to your yard, especially if you’re doing any work using a ladder, pool skimmer or any tool with height; always carry sideways to avoid contact to prevent electrical shock!

    Enjoy your summer days as you relax outdoors, knowing your electrical safety is your top priority. It’s always best to Stay Electrically Safe and Smart!

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    If you own a business or home in Collin County area of North Texas and are in need of electrical service, repair or installation, give us a call at 214.697.3134 to schedule an appointment with Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC. We look forward to doing business with you!