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    Electrical Safety: A Cord Conundrum

    Welcome back to our electrical safety blog here at Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC. We share electrical safety and shock prevention tips featuring Story Telling Suzie. For this post, Suzie will be encountering an issue with a kitchen appliance cord. What will she decide to do to solve the problem and stay electrically safe and smart? Keep reading to find out!

    Boy it felt good to sleep in, thought Story Telling Suzie to herself. As she made her way into the kitchen, she could still smell the waffles her son Michael made early this morning for him and his best friend, Bobby. Michael had a way of making the best waffles around. His friends always teased him calling him, Suzie Homemaker! OY. “I guess the Pun is intended!” Suzie laughed to herself.

    She could see Michael left the waffle iron open to cool off. As she grabbed the handles to close the waffle iron, she looked down and saw something wrong with the cord. “Oh no, it looks like it melted! Oh dear, I’ll bet Mike was in such a hurry to get to their soccer meet, that he wasn’t paying attention to how close the cord was to the burner.”

    “Hmmm, maybe I should call him and tell him what happened. No, I don’t want to disturb him. He’s probably on the field.” Suzie looked carefully at the cord and could see there was not a way to save it and it looked dangerous, probably a shock hazard.

    “I know! I just got my 30% off coupon from my favorite store this morning, so I’ll just get him a new one as a surprise.” Suzie smiled to herself. “Well, of course, I’ll caution him about the next time he whips up a new batch of waffles to Please be careful with the cord! Especially if he’s making eggs and bacon too.” She considered how much Mike liked to cook. “He’s been using this waffle maker for a long time, so he’s due for a new one anyway.”

    “Well, that was a completely unexpected cord conundrum, I must say,” Suzie sighs. “But at least we’ll all Stay Electrically Safe and Smart with a new appliance. And that’s what matters.”

    We don’t often think about the electrical hazards that can come when cooking in the kitchen, since we’re often in a hurry to get about our day. Remember to keep appliance cords away for heat sources to prevent damage. Choose to Stay Electrically Safe and Smart in your kitchen! And if you live in the Collin County area of North Texas and need electrical service or repair in your kitchen, do give us a call at 214.697.3134 to schedule your appointment today!