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    Electrical Safety: Being Proactive Part 3

    Welcome back to Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC’s Electrical Safety Series on Being Proactive about your Electrical Safety! If you’d like to read Part I about outlets in the bathroom, just click here. For Part II about using appliances in the bathroom, click here.

    And now for today’s topic, as we have been taking a tour inside our home, starting in the bath and now moving into the bedroom, to see what electrical hazards may be lurking around and what you can do to be Proactive about your electrical safety, no matter where you are in your space.

    As we venture into the bedroom, let’s take a closer look at Lighting. Usually that involves either lamps or ceiling fans, which can be the most problematic where electrical safety is concerned. (Recessed lighting is another avenue we won’t be covering in this post.)

    Let’s start with the ceiling fan that features lighting. One of the first issues you may run into is when you turn on the light switch and you notice flickering in the bulbs on the ceiling fan, or maybe the light switch isn’t turning it on at all. Problem, right? Which may turn into a fire hazard if not addressed as soon as possible, whether the issue is in the wall or fixture. When you get proactive, you do what it takes to make it safe.

    The next issue to address are independent lamps that are either floor or table top options. Two issues that can cause electrical hazards may be present: one being the wattage of bulb you are using, and the other, where it is plugged in. You want to be sure the bulb you are using is the right size and strength for the lamp so there won’t be a risk of fire from overheating. The other hazard is when you don’t have an outlet close enough to the spot where you have placed the lamp, so you decide to use an extension cord for better reach. THIS is NEVER a good idea. Extension cords are for temporary use only, due to the possibility of overheating. (For more cautions about Extension Cords, click here.) The easiest way to solve the lamp position and plugging it in for long term safety is to have an outlet added where you need it if necessary.

    Lighting is such an important aspect of the bedroom since it’s the perfect place where we like to relax after a long day, whether reading, chatting with our significant other or watching our favorite show. But we want to be sure the set up in our space aligns perfectly with electrical safety in mind. So you can enjoy the glow without the worry of electrical hazards. Let’s do what we can to reduce the likelihood of fires in our bedroom so we can sleep safely at night, after those lovely lights go out.

    Remember if you own a business or home in Collin County area of North Texas and are in need of electrical service, repair or installation, such as adding an outlet in that bedroom for the perfectly placed bedside lamp, give us a call at 214.697.3134 to schedule an appointment with Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC. We look forward to doing business with you!

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