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    Electrical Safety: A Decorating Directive

    Welcome back to our electrical safety blog here at Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC! This is the place where we share electrical safety and fire prevention tips with our Story Telling Suzie. For this post, Suzie gets her son Michael to help with the decorating for Halloween. Keep reading to learn more about how to prevent shock and fire and more with their story, A Decorating Directive.

    “Hey, Michael?” Story Telling Suzie called to her son from the kitchen.

    “Yeah Mom, what’s up?” Michael appeared in the hallway outside his bedroom door.

    “I need some help hanging the Halloween lights. Do you have a minute?” Suzie started rummaging through her decorating container to find the 3 packs of lights she knew she got last year for a great bargain.

    “Of course. I’ll go get the ladder from the garage.” Michael made his way through the kitchen.

    “Oh, remember, Michael, when you carry the ladder…”

    “Yes, I know, Horizontal, to avoid hitting power lines.” Michael grinned. “I remember.”

    “I’m sorry if I seem too protective.” Suzie looked uncertain.

    “It’s Ok, Mom. Nothing wrong with a reminder.”

    Suzie smiled. “He’s such a good son. He puts up with so much from me!” Suzie sighed. She opened the front door and brought out her decoration box. She hung her pumpkin wreath on the door. It always made her smile. Michael came around the side with the ladder.

    “Ok, where are those lights now?” Michael grinned wide.

    “You are such a goofball!” Suzie laughed from her belly. “So, once you get them hung on the hooks, be sure to only plug in one in each outlet. We don’t want to overload the circuit, since that can cause a fire. I’m so glad we have GFCI protected ones for outdoor use. Now I don’t have to worry about something going wrong if it rains out.”

    “Yep, I’m glad for that too, Mom. You already have enough to worry about.”

    Michael and his mom locked eyes.

    “You have always been my sensitive son. Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome.” Michael finished hanging the lighted pumpkins and plugged them in. “Are we gonna inflate the ghost and pumpkin blow ups, Mom?” Michael rummaged in the decor box.”

    “Oh they’re not in there. They’re in the garage.”

    “Oh, Ok, I’ll go get them along with some extension cords.” Michael started to head in that direction.

    “Remember to only use one extension cord to prevent electrical shock or fire, Michael.” Suzie hollered, hoping Michael heard her.

    “OK, Mom!” Michael yelled from a distance. Michael arrived with arms full. “Ok, I’ll blow them up and you can plug them in.”

    “Sounds like a good deal.” Suzie smiled.

    With all the decorations up, it looked great. “Wow, we’re ready for the Trick or Treaters now.” Michael grinned big again. Suzie laughed. “Yes, we are, my son. And I wouldn’t want to do this without you.”

    “It was fun, Mom. You always make the holidays meaningful and colorful! and Electrically Safe and Smart, I might add.” He gave her the eyebrow.

    “Always.” Suzie laughed and side hugged her son.

    So, Suzie and her son Michael have it together, don’t they? They know where to plug things in so they don’t overload the circuit, using a protected GFI receptacle and only one extension cord to avoid shock or fire. How about you? Will you stay electrically safe and smart when you decorate for Halloween? Your trick or treaters will thank you…

    And if you live in the Collin/Grayson county area of North Texas and you’re in need of electrical service or repair or maybe adding that extra GFCI protected outlet for your outdoor decorating, give Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC a call at 214.697.3134 to schedule an appointment today!