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    Electrical Safety: Sprucing Up for Spring!

    Hello and Welcome Back to our electrical safety blog here at Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC. And Storytelling Suzie is ready to share some electrical safety tips as she looks to spruce up her home for spring, her absolutely favorite time of year!

    Storytelling Suzie gets so inspired when the weather warms up and the birds start to sing and she wants to spend more time outdoors. But will she find some things that needs a little TLC along the way?

    As she heads out the front door, she notices that one of the lamps is out in the outdoor sconce that has visibly aged since she bought the house and she has considered the possiblity of replacing them for something more to her own style. And now that one of the lamps is out, she questions whether there might be a short in the electrical line somewhere since she has replaced that bulb more than once. Suzie takes note and puts that on her srucing-up list.

    Suzie decides she wants to get a few more floral plants to hang in the front yard and would also like to add some twinkie lights to enhance their beauty especially in the evenings as the sun goes down. Perhaps an additional outdoor outlet is in order! Suzie adds that to her list as well.

    As Suzie comes around the corner, she sees an outdoor extension cord laying against the foundation and it looks like her teenage son has left it out once again after mowing the lawn yesterday. Maybe he needs to make a list of what needs to be done before he heads back inside…Yes, he can get distracted with his texting on his phone with his best friend, so she’ll have to remind him to finish up and not leave the cord out again. It would be great not to have to buy another one because of any damage from the elements or otherwise…since, at that point, it could become an electrical hazard leading to shock if someone steps on it or attempts to put it away without knowing the harm that could be present.

    As she heads around the back yard, she sees the perfect place for a second tree she would like to plant, after seeing how much beauty the first tree created in her surrounds; but she remembers to call before she digs to avoid hitting any underground electrical lines that could lead to electric shock. She looks forward to picking out a new tree…maybe a red maple is in order!

    Storytelling Suzie hears a mocking bird nearby which makes her smile since that’s her favorite bird that heralds to arrival of spring in her neighborhood! Oh, the sounds, smells and beauty of spring are so inspiring! Now it’s time to call her trusty licensed electrician to get those upgrades and repairs going just in time for next week’s outdoor party she’s planning!

    Do you have any sprucing up you have planned for your celebration of spring with your home or business? Well, give us a call at 214.697.3134 if you are located in the Collin County area of North Texas to schedule an appointment for electrical repairs, installation or upgrades today!