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    Electrical Safety: Fire Starters Part 3

    Welcome back to our new Fire Starter Series with Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC. The purpose of this series is to alert you to possible fire starting scenarios in your business or home so you can eliminate them, thus preventing fires before they start!

    So far, we’ve covered ways to avoid fires with room air conditioners and extension cords.

    For today’s post, we will cover fire starters in the kitchen that you might not have thought of before. We want to keep you in the know. Awareness is key to avoiding potential fire hazards, right?

    The first fire starter in the kitchen to be aware of is with appliance usage. In addition to keeping your appliances clean, whenever you use a small appliance in the kitchen that you have to plug in each time you use it, such as a rice cooker, waffle maker, a grill or other appliance you may not use every day, be sure to keep the cord away from heat, especially from the burners on the stove top. Those electrical cords sometimes have a mind of their own and end up too close to heat, thus creating a fire starter!

    The second fire starter in the kitchen to be aware of is when using your oven. Sometimes an oven’s sensor can malfunction, and instead of the bake function being activated, the broil coils end up turning on even when on the bake function, thus burning the food, and if you use baking paper, can burn the paper, thus creating a fire starter. The best practice is to watch your food, using the light in the oven to keep an eye on things. This can be a real life saver, thus avoiding bad cooking and a fire starter in the making. Never assume that all kitchen appliances will work properly every time! And always follow manufacterer’s instructions with each use.

    Our third and final fire starter in the kitchen goes right along with the second one. Stay In the Kitchen When You Cook. Yes. Life is busy; we all know that. We can get sidetracked, distracted and pulled away with phone calls, laundry duty and caring for kids along the way. If you make it a point to be present as you cook, you can avoid many fire starting scenarios such as food burning in the frying pan or when heating in the toaster oven. And keeping an eye on any possible appliance malfunctions, you can remove a fire starter from the scenario before disaster strikes!

    Keeping fires out of our kitchen is a Real Responsibility, but it’s so worth it for the trouble and damage we can avoid in the long run. Let’s keep our Kitchens a safe place to cook, eat and spend time with family.

    For more tips on electrical safety, fire and shock prevention, Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook, so you can stay informed. And do subscribe to our YouTube Channel which is Your Electrical Safety Resource!

    If you own a business or home in Collin County area of North Texas and are in need of electrical service, repair or installation, give us a call at 214.697.3134 to schedule an appointment with Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC. We look forward to doing business with you!