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    Electrical Safety: When School’s Out!

    Welcome back to our Electrical Safety Blog here at Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC. In today’s post, we will focus on how Story Telling Suzie will help her son stay electrically safe and smart now that school’s out!

    Suzie realizes that’s it’s been a while since she and her son have spot-checked his bedroom for electrical safety since he’s been so busy with year end activities and events at school, including attending the graduation ceremony to see his best friend graduate from high school.

    So, before she lets too much time pass, she gives her son, Michael, a head’s up about checking his room for electrical hazards that might be present and should be tended to as soon as possible.

    Michael doesn’t give too much of a protest since he knows how important his electrical safety is and he knows how easy it is to forget about things when he’s been so busy wrapping things up at school and keeping his grades in the upper register where he wants to keep them since he will be a senior next year!

    The first thing Story Telling Suzie notices is the pile of laundry on the floor as soon as she crosses the doorway threshold. She gives him a look and he says, “Sorry, Mom. I meant to clean that up!” As he picks up the garments off the floor, they both see an extension cord that has been buried for a while and it’s warm. Uh-oh! Better get that unplugged and cooled off before it starts an electrical fire!

    Michael feels bad that he forgot it was there and says, “Mom, I was using it for my new game console since I ran out of space in my bedroom outlets.” He gives her a sheepish grin and she says, “I understand. You should have told me of your electrical dilemma and we would have figured something out. Extension cords should not be used for long term purposes since that’s not what they’re meant for, especially when they can end up buried under dirty laundry. I’ll give our licensed electrician a call and see what he can do to add another outlet to your room.”

    “Oh, Mom, I so appreciate your willingness to do that for me, since I really need it in here. I want to be able to play my new game with Bobby whenever he comes over to hang out.”

    “Yes, I know. I want you to be happy and to be safe at the same time! And I figured as much. I know how much you love your games and hanging with friends. I’ll call him today.”

    Story Telling Suzie also sees an electrical outlet overloaded since Michael ran out of space for all his gear. “We need to reduce the electrical load on this outlet right now so it’s doesn’t overheat and cause an electrical fire.” Michael sees all the plugs and determines which one can be unplugged for the time being. “I’ll just charge my laptop and phone in the kitchen instead of in here until I get another outlet put it in. It’s not worth the fire hazard risk, is it?”

    “No, it’s not. I’m glad you decided to do the Smart Thing and reduce the electrical load. It’s not worth the risk even with the convenience.”

    As Michael carries out his gear and plugs it into the outlet on the kitchen island, he says, “Thanks, Mom, for your help with my electrical safety. I’m sorry that I didn’t point out the problem right away. And I really appreciate your willingness to make it easier on me in my bedroom so I can stay electrically safe and smart.”

    Suzie smiles and says, “Just make sure you pick up your laundry a bit more often so you know what’s under there!” Suzie gives Michael a side hug and he laughs. “I will; I promise!”

    Is it time for you to do an electrical safety spot check now that school’s out before your kids’ summer gets into full swing? Teach your kids how to stay electrically safe and smart!

    And if you need electrical upgrades such as adding a new outlet to your bedroom, give us a call at 214.697.3134 to set up an appointment with Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC if you live in the Collin County area of North Texas! We look forward to doing business with you!