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    Electrical Safety: An Enlightening Invite

    Welcome back to our electrical safety blog here at Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC! This is the place where we share electrical safety and fire prevention tips with a little help from Story Telling Suzie! In today’s post, Suzie runs into a dear friend and they make plans with an electrical message for summertime swimming! Read on to find out what they discuss!

    “I’m glad I only have a short list of items to get since Michael already got the rest. I so appreciate how responsible my son is!” Story Telling Suzie smiles to herself as she grabs a buggy from the row and heads inside to go grocery shopping.

    As Suzie heads into the first aisle, she sees her dear friend, Barb, up ahead, putting items into her buggy.

    “Well, what a pleasant surprise!” Suzie moves up the aisle with her shopping cart and Barb looks up and sees Suzie coming her way.

    “Suzie! How are you? So good to see you! You know, I was about to call you; so, interesting timing…” Barb smiles big and gives Suzie a hug.

    “What’s up? I know! Fancy meeting you here!” Suzie smiles with a twinkle in her eye.

    “Well, my husband finally got that new boat I’ve been telling you about…”

    “Really? Oh, that’s so exciting. I’m so happy for you guys. I know it’s been a long time coming.” Suzie looks thrilled for Barb.

    “Well, we plan to take it out this weekend and wanted to invite you and Michael to come along! And he can bring Bobby along too if he’d like. I’m sure they’d enjoy it so much.” Barb smiles wide.

    “Oh, that would be lovely! So, where is your boat now?”

    “Oh, it’s at the marina. Larry reserved a spot there to make things easier.”

    “Will there be plans for swimmming?” Suzie looks alarmed.

    “Oh, sure, yes, of course. It’ll be the perfect day for it. And the boys will be welcome to swim with Brian. Is everything ok, Suzie?” Barb looks curious.

    “Well, I just want to be sure they won’t be swimming anywhere near the marina…” Suzie looks worried, frowning a bit.

    “Oh, don’t worry about that. We’ve already had a discussion about the parameters of where they can swim safely, well away from any marina space. No, we’ll be at a separate beach that is perfect for swimming. We found the best spot, and it’s so close to home! Larry was so pleased with our finding. He’s really looking forward to it, even more than Brian is!” Barb chuckles to herself.

    “Well, that’s a relief. I was really concerned there for a minute, since marinas can be a dangerous place to swim, with all those electrical components. I’ve heard stories.”

    “Oh, I know. Absolutely.” Barb puts a hand on Suzie’s arm. “No, we’ve explained the dangers in detail with Brian. He understands the risks of Electrical Shock Drowning. He would never want go there. Oh no. All is well.” Barb smiles big. “I am so looking forward to this. We need to catch up and have some summer fun.”

    “Oh, I am!” Suzie looks relieved. “I’m sure Michael and Bobby will be happy to join us. They love swimming; it’s the best fun in the summer. Thanks so much for the invite.” Suzie smiles.

    “Summer is so much more fun with friends.” Barb gives Suzie a goodbye hug.”Well, I best be going. We’ll talk soon. And see you this weekend!”

    Summer is more fun with friends, isn’t it? And it’s always Smart to know exactly what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be going to Stay Electrically Safe! Those swimming parameters when boating and swimming are essential to avoid coming in contact with the presence of electrical current in the water due to possible electrical malfunctions of equipment present on boats. Avoid marinas when making swimming plans for your summertime adventures. It always pays to Stay Electrically Safe and Smart!

    And if you’re needing electrical service for your business or home and you live in the Collin County area of North Texas, do give us a call at 214.697.3134 to schedule your appointment today!