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    Electrical Safety: The Extension Cord Dilemma

    Here at Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC, it is our goal to inform you of the possibility of hazards in your business and home. There is one electrical component that arises more frequently due to the myriad of ways they are used improperly and that is the extension cord.

    Obviously, the reason extension cords are used is due to lack of reach when plugging something in, thus an extension cord provides temporary solving of such a dilemma. The only problem is, extension cords are overused rather than temporarily so. And this can lead to all kinds of hazards, specifically fire related hazards, due to overheating.

    The first step toward electrical safety with extension cords is to recognize them as temporary and determine where you need additional power so you can eliminate the usage of the extension cord and simply have more power where and when you need it.

    It’s so not worth taking the additional risk of long term use with extension cords–as convenient as they may be. We often plug them in and forget about them since we’re using them on a regular basis and may not realize the risk, which increases the longer you use one.

    Then there’s the issue of where you place the extension cord and whether that placement could increase the likelihood of fire, whether it’s under a rug, or around furniture where it can get pinched and damaged totally unawares.

    Another issue to consider is the type of extension cords you are using and where you’re using it: Indoor or outdoor. Using an extension cord in a context for which it was not intended dramatically increases the risk of fire and shock, depending on what you’re using it for. Pay close attention to the type of extension cords you’re using and be sure it’s rated for your intended usage.

    Remember that extension cords were never meant to be used ongoing; so when you need power for a regular job, be sure to have additional outlets installed, rather than using an extension cord for an extended period of time. Don’t put it off; an electrical fire can do a lot of damage in a short period of time.

    If you own a business or home in Collin County area of North Texas and are in need of electrical service, repair or installation, including having an additional outlet installed instead of using an extension cord, give us a call at 214.697.3134 to schedule an appointment with Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC. We look forward to doing business with you!

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