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    Electrical Safety: A Stormy Surprise

    Welcome back to our electrical safety blog here at Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC! Today Story Telling Suzie is back with A Stormy Surprise. What will happen when a severe weather alert appears on Suzie’s weather app? Will plans be derailed? And how will they Stay Electrically Safe and Smart? Read on to find out!

    “Hey, Michael, did you have any plans for today?” Story Telling Suzie looked at her weather app with alarm.

    “Well, yea, Bobby and I were going to go to the new arcade in town. They just opened in time for the weekend; why?” Michael appeared in the doorway of his room off the living room.

    “Have you seen the weather warning? It looks like there’s the possibility of frequent clowd-to-ground lightning and severe winds, like over 40 mph? I’m not so sure if it’s even safe to venture out.” Suzie looked worried, brow furrowed.

    Lightening flashed vibrant, and then BOOM! “Wow! What was that?” Michael came out in a flurry. “That sounded really close!”

    “Yes, I know. It seemed to come out of no-where!” Suzie ran to the window and just in time to see a tree fall into the side yard with a crash! And the power cut. “Oh no! The tree must’ve gotten hit by lightning.” Suzie could hear the sizzle pop sound and she could see that the power poles and lines came down with the tree.

    “Hey, Maybe I should go look…” Michael started making his way to the front door.

    “Oh, no, Michael. Don’t go outside! It’s far too dangerous! With power lines down, there’s no telling what’s going on. There’s too much risk of getting electrocuted! Here, I’ll get the number of the power company and report the outage and the power lines down. They have to cut the power fully to the line before it’s safe enough to assess the damage. I’m just glad the tree didn’t hit the house! It just missed the window!”

    Suzie looked seriously flustered. “It’s ok, Mom.” Michael swiftly closed the space between them and hugged her fully. “We’ll be ok. But thanks for stopping me. I guess I just wasn’t thinking straight. I know when power lines are down to stay away. We’ll have to wait til everything is safe.”

    “In the meanwhile, We have battery back up to the new game I got yesterday. You wanna play?” Michael looked hopeful, grinning. Suzie laughs.

    “You always know how to make me laugh, even in a crisis. Thanks, my son. You are a gem.”

    Remember, when stormy weather takes you by surprise, stay inside, until you know it’s electrically safe to do otherwise. When power lines are down, there is the risk of electrocution if you get too close. Don’t take the chance, but Stay Electrically Safe and Smart!

    And if you live in the Collin/Grayson County area of North Texas, and if you’ve had a lighting strike and need an electrical repair as a result, give us a call at 214.697.3134 to set up an appointment with Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC and we’ll get you taken care of!