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    Electrical Safety: Where Is the Water?


    Electrical Safety: Where Is the Water?

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips with a special focus on shock prevention with outdoor work.  In the summertime, it gets hot and the rains aren’t as prevalent, which can lead to grass that gets dried out. So folks will sometimes water their grass to keep it green in the summertime heat.  This can happen in the same vicinity where another family member is using an electric-based item such as a power tool, a radio, or another electrical source.  The question to ask in this scenario is: Where Is The Water?  You want to know the answer to this question from the get go since electricity and water don’t mix. If you happen to be holding onto an electrical power tool or electrical lawn mower while doing maintenance on your yard, be sure to proceed with caution.  Either choose separate days to mow and water, or be super careful not to let yourself enter a danger zone that may lead to electrical shock, which can happen when water and electricity come in contact with each other, and you become a conduit for that electricity! Don’t put yourself at risk.  When doing yard work, take cautionary measures not to mix the two, and you might just save a life!  Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner when working outdoors.  Copyright 2016 Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC