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    Electrical Safety: Toaster Oven Tips

    GFCI outlet for blog

    Electrical Safety: Toaster Oven Tips

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety and fire prevention tips with a special focus on the small appliance, the trusty toaster oven Since we live in a quick-paced microwave-loving world, toaster ovens may be overlooked for their convenience and benefits. In order for your toaster oven to work at peak performance, we need to take proper care of it and use it the way it was intended.  Toaster ovens should always be plugged directly into an outlet; if you attempt to plug it in with an extension cord, you risk the issue of it overheating and causing an electrical fire. Always be sure you know how to work it by reading the manual it comes with so you don’t misuse it.  Misuse can be anything from what kind of tray or container you use (non combustible only please) to what temperature you put it on for the kind of food you are cooking or reheating. Always follow the frozen food instructions for time and temperature and when you cook, don’t leave the room. Stay in attendance. Your presence and attention can make all the difference in prevention of fire.  Make sure the electrical cord is not resting on the outside of the oven to help prevent damage from overheating. Also, be sure to clean out the toaster oven so it is free from food debris, which left for too long, can become a fire hazard.  When we take proper care and maintain our trusty toaster ovens, we can enjoy the benefits of deliciously heated foods in a safe and happy context in our kitchens.  Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a toaster oven owner and user!  Copyright 2016 Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC