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    Electrical Safety: Your Springtime Moments

    Electrical Safety: Your Springtime Moments

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares an electrical safety word for this very special time of year: spring. Spring is often associated with new growth, new life, and spring cleaning. We often determine it’s time to declutter because we want to make space for new things in life, right? One of the areas we can focus on when decluttering is where there are electrical components in the vicinity of what we want to clear out. Are there electrical outlets in the area you are working in? Are there combustibles such as clothing, papers or plastic that could burn or melt creating an electrical fire? Are there too many electrical appliances in your kitchen drawing too much power, overloading the outlets? Is it time to let go of an appliance you’ve had just a little too long, with older electrical wiring that could overheat and cause a fire? Are you using electrical extension cords the correct way, using indoor/outdoor based on your location, as you work in your new garden or clean up the leaves in your yard? Are you taking proper precautions when digging if there are underground electrical wires in the vicinity?   Are you paying attention to any electrical tools you’re using, noting any wear on the wires and plugging it in correctly so as to protect the wires inside the insulation?  Just noting each electrical step you take during this delightful season of being outdoors and enjoying the positive changes being made can make the difference to help prevent electrical fires, electrical shock and electrical hazards inside and outside your home.  Remember to Stay Electrically Safe and Smart when it really matters–during all your springtime moments.  Copyright 2017 Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC