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    Electrical Safety: Where To Plug It In

    outlet with plug for blog post

    Electrical Safety: Where To Plug It In

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips with a special focus on where to plug in your electrical goods.  We plug things in without thinking about it, don’t we? Whether it’s an appliance, a lamp, a phone charger or some other electrical product, how we use them and where we plug them in can make the difference between pure benefit and an electrical hazard.  This can especially be true when we purchase something new that needs to be plugged in. Where will it go? Sometimes when we go to place a new good where we want it, we may find that we don’t have enough space in the closest outlet or we may want to plug it into a strip.  But is it safe? The safest way to know if your choice of where to put it will work is by matching up the power the item will pull in comparison to the place it will be plugged in.  Appliances should always be plugged in directly to an outlet. They pull too much power for any other scenario to work safely.  Don’t always assume that a power strip will work; always check to be sure what you want to plug in will not overload the strip with any other electrical devices that are already in place.  And remember, extension cords are always for temporary use, never to be used with appliances, and can create a fire hazard if overloaded.  Where will you plug in your electrical goods? Keep fire prevention in mind, check your power source and match it with your electrical item. Taking proactive steps to stay the safest in your home.  Stay Electrically Safe and Smart with your use of electrical goods and where you plug them in! Copyright 2016 Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC