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    Electrical Safety: An Office Overview

    office image

    Electrical Safety: An Office Overview

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips with a special focus on the OFFICE and how we can help prevent electrical fires and electric shock from occurring where we work.  Offices are full of electrical equipment, from printers and scanners to chargers for our cell phones and computers and calculators, oh my! We are always in need of electrical outlets for all of our office-related devices that keep our day orderly and efficient.  But do we pay special attention to how many places we have to plug in versus how much we are plugging in? Are we using too many power strips? Are we paying attention to how much power we need versus how much we have? Are we using extension cords for longer use than they are created for?  It may be time to do a bit of an Office Overview and see if your electrical usage shows a hazardous trend or if you’re right on target with electrical safety. Are your devices on the verge of overload? Is the equipment outdated and not best for its current use? Are electrical wires placed properly, out of foot traffic and out from under objects that could damage electrical cords?  If you find your current electrical situation lacking, it may be time to get an outlet or two added by a licensed electrician to help prevent fires due to overload of what you presently have in your office. Or you may just need to do some re-arranging to make space for what is essential and remove what you don’t need. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart by keeping the electrical condition of your office in tip-top shape to help prevent fires!  Copyright 2016 Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC