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    Electrical Safety: Left Unattended?

    flat iron image for bqe blog

    Electrical Safety: Left Unattended?

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety and fire hazard tips with a special focus on using small electrical appliances safely.  We all get distracted with a myriad of issues, from phone calls to family eruptions, that take us away from what we’re doing.  But when what we’re doing involves a small electrical appliance of some kind, whether a clothing iron, a flat iron or some other equipment that plugs in and gets hot, this can create a scenario of issues that can turn into hazards rather quickly.  When using an electrical appliance and you get called away for one reason or another, the best and safest thing to do is turn off the appliance before leaving the room and put it in a safe place to cool off.  If we don’t take preventative action with equipment that heats up, we can find ourselves in an electrical disaster that leads to burns, fires, shocks or other injuries, especially if we have kids or pets around.  Stay present, not distracted, when using electrically based items, and when you get called away, keep it safe! Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a user of small electrical appliances to help prevent electrical and fire hazards!  Copyright 2016 Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC