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    Electrical Safety: Illumined Decor

    illumined decor for blog post

    Electrical Safety: Illumined Decor

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips with a special focus on illumined decor and ways you can avoid electrical issues that can lead to fire.  We all want our homes to please our esthetic and feel welcoming. That often includes decorating our homes with various illumined options, whether sconces for our living rooms, dining rooms or even bathrooms, or perhaps a simple wall hanging that involves lighting of some kind.  When we determine to purchase new decor for the home, we need to consider the options of where it will fit, but, most importantly, consider what is most electrically safe.  Where you determine you want to install them should be aligned with the electrical system in your home; when having a hard wired illumined fixture installed, a qualified licensed electrician is highly recommended to help reduce the possibility of electrical fire to be sure it’s installed correctly, especially if you have an older home that may need upgraded wiring for proper installation of new fixtures. If the wall decor you want to install is simply a plug-in, be sure to choose a spot where you have a ready outlet nearby or if necessary, have an outlet installed if there isn’t one. Don’t plan to use an extension cord for long term use. This will only increase your chances of having a home electrical fire from the possibility of the cord overheating.  Always consider the safest avenue for decorating your home with illumined wall art or light fixtures. And then enjoy the welcoming beauty! Stay Electrically Safe and Smart when purchasing and installing electrical decor in your home!  Copyright 2016 Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC