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    Electrical Safety: Hazards in Association with ESD


    Electrical Safety: Hazards in Association with ESD

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety information with a special focus on the hazards associated with electric shock drowning which can occur when there is electrical current in the water where the swimmer is located. The details shared today are in association with a recent death as a direct result of electrical current in the water, especially when a metal ladder was involved and where electricity and water do NOT mix with electrical components used as boat docks. Awareness of your surroundings when swimming and having your boat and boat dock monitored and inspected is so key toward prevention of ESD. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as both a dock owner and swimmer!  Our condolences to the family featured in this updated news piece for the loss of their daughter from ESD.  Special Thanks to and to Clare Huddleston, reporter/anchor, for the news story, Parents Raise Awareness About Electrical Shock Drowning.