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    Electrical Safety: Cautions for Your Holiday

    Electrical Safety: Cautions for Your Holiday

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety and shock prevention tips with a special focus on your holiday activities and how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the hazards of electric shock drowning. As we enjoy the environment with friends and family during the holiday, we often engage in relaxing activities such as being by the poolside, going swimming or boating as summer weather beckons us. We would like to offer three cautions for your weekend engagements to help you prevent an accident, injury or even death due to electrical shock. When you sit by the pool, be sure to keep your distance from the pool water if you have electrical appliances of any kind or if you are using your cell phone plugged in to charge. Water and electricity do not mix. If your children or grandchildren are playing outside in the sprinkler, be sure not to allow any electrical items in the vicinity, thus turning the play area into an electrical hazard ripe for shock, which could lead to death. If you are enjoying some boating time in a marina area, be sure not to go swimming in that area since there is always the possibility of electrical current being present, which could lead to electric shock drowning. Again, water and electricity do not mix. Enjoy your holiday keeping these cautions in mind for you and your loved ones and Stay Electrically Safe and Smart! Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC wishes all a Electrically Safe and Smart Holiday weekend!