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    Electrical Safety: Appliance Awareness

    appliance image for blog

    Electrical Safety: Appliance Awareness

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips with a special focus on appliance use and scenarios to avoid to help prevent electrical shock and electrical fires.  We all use appliances in our kitchens, but do we use them safely? Are we fully aware of possible electrical and fire hazards that can occur?  Think of this scenario: Someone else is already using the stove top in your kitchen. You want to plug in a small appliance next to the stove since other outlets are not available. Is it safe? Here are the hazards to be aware of: is the counter wide enough to prevent a nearby burner from initiating a fire with the appliance present? Will the electrical cord from the appliance get too close and incur damage or start a fire?  damage to electric cord for blog Being aware of the possibilities of hazards when you are cooking in your kitchen can be a first step toward prevention of fires and electric shock associated with damaged electrical cords.  Solution: Either wait till the other cooking is complete, or prevent the electrical cord from coming into contact with the burner that is being used.  The possibility of an electrical fire and electric shock is what we’re trying to avoid; do what you can to keep things safe when you cook in your kitchen. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner with your small appliance usage!  Copyright 2016 Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC