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    Bill’s POV: Fire Prevention with Mobile Homes

    Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC focuses on a fire event that includes fatalities that reveals the hazardous situations that can occur in mobile homes, initiating fires that could have been prevented. Bill says that there is now a way to make mobile homes, which are notorious for electrical fires, much safer electrically. The electrical hazard issue is based on  the fact that for many years they were not required to meet the same strict electrical codes that standard homes were required to meet. Bill says that installing Arc Fault and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter circuit breakers on all of the circuits of the house will help prevent fires. If there is any potential for a fault, the breaker will trip immediately and eliminate the fire hazard. In Bill’s opinion, every mobile home built before 1998 should have all of their circuits protected in this manner.  This may well require installing a new panel box which is well worth the money for the safety of the occupants it can provide. Bill just did this with with a mobile home in the City of Melissa, Texas, which included the repair of a burned up circuit, and even the City Fire Marshall was very pleased with the added protection that was provided for the occupant. Bill also added hard wired smoke detectors with battery backup for further protection. He says that more cities in Texas are requiring a higher level of electrical upgrades when there is an existing problem that needs to be repaired. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner, especially if you are a mobile home owner. It may very well save your life. Special Thanks to and to the Associated Press for this article, Electrical Problem sparked fire at suburban Rochester, NY mobile home; boy, 3 adults died.