Electrical Safety: Work Wisdom

Electrical Safety: Work Wisdom

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety and shock prevention with a special focus on work safety and what you can do to protect yourself, no matter where you work.

Tips include specific steps to take on any job to reduce the possibility of injury and/or electric shock including ladder and power line safety.

Always take appropriate action to keep yourself safe on the job and Stay Electrically Safe and Smart wherever you are!

Special Thanks to Safetyandhealthmagazine.com, Safety+Health, to ESFI and to ESFI President, Brett Brenner for the article, Electrical Safety group unveils videos, infographics for workers in non-electrical jobs.

Electrical Safety: Work Hazards Explained


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips for awareness of electrical hazards around the workplace and how to avoid them and stay safe. Included are explanations of electrical current, voltage and what happens to someone if they get electrocuted. Also mentioned are specific dangers to look out for, such as a wet environment, as well as work equipment, as well as overhead power lines. Also explained are how to handle an electrical accident at work. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart in your work environment!

Special Thanks to ContractorsInsurance.org and OSHA for the article, Working Safely Around Electrical Hazards. 

Power Surge Protection

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares important information on how to protect electrically-powered equipment from damage during power surges and spikes, for homes and businesses. This can help save you time and money from electrically-related damage and loss. Stay Electrically Safe in all work and home conditions!

Special Thanks to Campus Life Magazine and Bill Allen for the article, The Shocking Truth About Electrical Power.