Electrical Safety: Shock Explained & How to Avoid It

Electrical Safety: Shock Explained & How to Avoid It

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety and shock prevention tips with a special focus on older adults affected by severe weather and how they can be protected from electric shock.

Tips include the difference between electrocution and electric shock, electrical hazards to avoid with ladders, outlets, extension cords and appliances and the symptoms of electric shock.

Awareness and Mindfulness are key to eliminating electrical hazards and preventing electric shock; Stay Electrically Safe and Smart!

Special Thanks to TheOaklandPress.com, The Oakland Press, to Jenny Sherman and to Jeffrey H Feldman, personal injury lawyer in Southfield, for the article, Amidst severe weather, power outages, keep these electrical safety tips in mind.

Electrical Safety: Space Heater Savvy for Older Adults

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety and fire prevention tips with a focus on space heater usage for older adults. Included are tips for proper placement of space heaters to help prevent fires as well as the importance of smoke alarms and how to properly maintain them so they will stay in good working order. Just awareness of your surroundings as you use space heaters and taking proper care can help reduce or eliminate the possibility of fires in your home this winter. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart with your use of space heaters! 

Special Thanks to ESFI for their video, Home Heating Safety Tips for Older Adults. 

Electrical Safety: Portable Heaters and Older Adults


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips concerning the use of portable heaters, especially for older adults who are at greater risk for using them improperly. Included are fire and fatality statistics that show the frequency of which these heaters are used in an unsafe manner. Tips include proper use of portable heaters such as where to place them, when to turn them off and maintaining them for safe use. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner, especially if you are an older adult who uses space heaters!

Special Thanks to AgeActionAlliance.com and to Phil Buckle, Director of Electrical Safety First, for the article, Older People at Risk From Incorrect Use of Portable Heaters.

Electrical Safety: Cautions for Older Homeowners

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares an electrical safety list with a focus on older adult homeowners so they can be informed on what to look for and how to keep their homes’ electrical system properly maintained, showing reasons for home inspections and the recommendations for GFCI and AFCI and smoke alarms. Older Adults can be more at risk for potential electrical problems and fire hazards. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner!

Special Thanks to ESFI for the article, Home Electrical Safety Tips for Older Adults.

Electrical Safety: Hazard Factors for Older Adults

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares possible electrical hazards throughout the home, both indoors and out, that can often lead to shock or fire, especially for older adults. These include mixing electricity and water, use of electric blankets, and overloading outlets among this important list of Hazard Factors. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart no matter your age as a homeowner, and, if you know of an older adult who could use this information, pass it on!

Special Thanks to AgeActionAlliance.org and to Electrical Safety Council (ESC) in the UK for this article, Electrical Safety for Older People.

Caution with Extension Cords

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this fatal news story (with video) regarding a man who lived in an older mobile home and used too many electrical extension cords. Please be safe by not overusing electrical extension cords; have your electrical system upgraded. Stay Electrically Safe!

Special Thanks to WSAZ News Channel 3 and to Olivia Fecteau for this news video and article, Elderly Man Killed in Braxton County House Fire, Cause Likely Electrical.

Older Adult Focus with Electrical Safety Month

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares these older adult-focused electrical safety tips in association with Electrical Safety Month for May of 2013.

Special Thanks to Safety Source, host, Lauren Backstrom and Brett Brenner of ESFI for his article, Keep Older Adults in Mind this National Electrical Safety Month.

Electrical Safety Month with ESFI

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this electrical safety news as ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International) kicks off electrical safety month for May of 2013 with a focus on electrical safety for all ages. Stay Electrically Safe with this information!

Special Thanks to DigitalJournal.com and PRWeb for the article, ESFI Kicks off Electrical Safety Month Campaign to Promote “Electrical Safety for All Ages.”