Electrical Safety: Ways to Prevent Fire or Shock

Electrical Safety: Ways to Prevent Fire or Shock

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety, shock and fire prevention tips with a special focus on ways to avoid accidents and injury as well as fire and shock in your home.

Tips include proper installation and usage of electrical cords, including extension cords, appliance safety, electrical safety around water, child safety as well as electrical maintenance. When to call a licensed electrical contractor is also a focus.

Stay proactive in avoiding electrical related issues in your home and Stay Electrically Safe and Smart!

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Electrical Safety: How About Some Maintenance?

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares a lengthy electrical maintenance list well worth your perusing which includes all the electrical hazards to keep an eye out for including tripping breakers, ungrounded circuits, loose or ill fitting outlets and other electrical equipment that isn’t working properly. It’s important to have your home’s electrical system maintained to help prevent fires, shocks or even fatalities. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner!

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