Electrical Safety: Procedures and Cautions on the Farm


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips during harvest season in conjunction with National Farm Safety and Health Month in regards to proper procedures and safety cautions with farm work and equipment usage. Included are specific guidelines concerning  power lines, working with equipment and what to do if power line contact occurs. Also there are safety tips regarding your electrical system and safety procedures when dealing with repairs as well as working in and around grain bins. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as you work on your farm!

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Electrical Safety: What Hazards Are Hiding in Your Home?


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips in regards to hidden fire hazards in your home so you know what to avoid and how to take action for fire prevention! Whether it’s damaged or old wiring in the walls, or outlets that need replacing due to wear and tear or sparks flying, stay aware of what you can do to circumvent possible trouble. With proper appliance use and maintenance and taking care in the kitchen when cooking, you can take action today to prevent fires, electrical or otherwise, in your home. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner! 

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Electrical Safety: Help for Preventing Heater Issues


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety statistics and tips in regards to the proper use of heaters and heating equipment in your home, which are often the cause behind household fires and fire-related deaths. Included are warnings about heaters and equipment, the major causes of resulting fires and what to do to help prevent fires and how to keep your equipment properly maintained to help avoid future fires and deaths related to improper use and maintenance. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart with your heater usage in your home!

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Electrical Safety: Proper Power Usage for Fire Prevention!


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips for the proper use of power strips and extension cords to help prevent fires and fatalities. Included are ways to prevent overload of power strips, how to use multi-plug outlets as well as when and where to use extension cords so as not to initiate fire by misuse. Taking extra care to use electrical cords and power strips properly can help ensure electrical safety with use, which can then help prevent fires and possibly death of either the person or persons using them or of the fire fighter who has to put out the flames. Think ahead and make a difference. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart with your use of extension cords and power strips!

Special Thanks to Ishn.com and to ESFI for the article, Two NYC Fires in Two Days Caused by Overloaded Power Strips. 

Electrical Safety: The Farmer’s Caution with Power Lines


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety cautions and examples of fatal practices with farmers out in field and tips to help prevent contact with overhead power lines when working on farm equipment with extended reach that can create unintentional contact with power lines. Awareness of your surroundings and extra care with keeping distance from power lines can help prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities. Know what to do if there is contact and how to save a life in the process. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart on the Farm!

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Electrical Safety: Life-Saving Flood Guidelines


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares vitally important electrical safety tips in regards to the possibility of flooding in your home and what to do in the event of a flood once it has occurred, during evacuation as well as when you return home. Specific guidelines are offered in regards to water levels, downed power line, and dealing with appliances and power to your home. Water and electricity do NOT mix; they can be lethal. Following these electrical safety guidelines can save your life and the lives of others involved in the aftermath of a flood in your home. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner when flooding occurs!

Special Thanks to Esafe.com and to Electrical Safety Authority for the post, Flood Safety Information. 

Electrical Safety: Top Fire Hazards in the Home


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety information in regards to top fire hazards in the home and ways you can take action to help prevent these hazards in the first place. Provided are statistics worth noting that may surprise you. Included on the list are electrical appliances and portable heaters as well as clothes dryers that can trigger fires when not cleaned properly. Also noted are older wiring in homes that are not adequately protected and can cause fire possibilities and what NOT to do if you have a home with that kind of electrical system. Be Aware of your surroundings and your usage of electrically-based products as well as other fire triggers in the home. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner for fire prevention that could save your life!

Special Thanks to TheAlfanoGroup.blogspot.com and to NFPA for the article, The 10 Most Common Causes of Home Fires.

Electrical Safety: Follow the School Rules!


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares some electrical safety cautions in regards to school policies in dorm rooms for college students and why it’s important to follow their rules to help prevent fires. Smart and savvy college students will learn the rules of the school regarding electrical safety so they can help eliminate hazards in their dorm rooms, whether it’s how they decorate or how they cook or what they plug into outlets in their rooms for electrical usage. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a college student by following the school rules to help prevent fires! 

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Electrical Safety: Save Lives with Proper Boat Dock Electrical Systems!



Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares a tragic incident of electrocution in a lake location where swimmers were exposed to electricity in the water due to faulty electrical wiring. It is imperative that boat owners hire licensed electricians to do the work necessary to keep swimmers and boaters electrically safe and free of the possibility of electrocution or of ESD (electric shock drowning). This information shares difference between the two and how to avoid it. Also discussed is the importance of GFCIs and what protection they provide in an electrical system for boats. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a boat owner and swimmer! 

Special Thanks to Lakeexpo.com, Beth Leonard, Tehnical Director of BoatUs and to Boat Us (Boat Owners Association of the United States) for the article, Dock Safety Stressed After 13-year-old reportedly electrocuted  on Louisiana Lake. 

Electrical Safety: For Parents and Their College Students



Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips specifically geared toward parents whose students are off to college and ways they can help ensure their student’s safety while in their dorm rooms and in classes at college. The tips focus on what “to do” and Not “to do” with the purchase, placement, use and maintenance of electrical products such as extension cords, power strips, outlets and appliances. Also included are guidelines and questions to ask of the college standard procedures regarding electrical safety and what to do in case of fire. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a parent of a college student!

Special Thanks to Safeelectricity.org for their post, Dorm Safety.