Overloading Outlets with Power Strips

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares an electrical safety caution in connection with a recent fire in regards to overloading electrical outlets with too many power strips. Steven Lowell, Assistant Fire Chief, shares a word of warning about the dangers of using too many power strips per outlet which can cause fire. Stay Electrically Safe in your use of outlets and power strips!

Special Thanks to TheBayonet.com, Nick Duke, and to Steven Lowell and the Fort Benning Fire Department for the article, Fire: Take Care with Electrical Outlets.

Back to the Electrical Basics with ESFI

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares an easy-to-understand explanation of your home’s electrical system, covering the electrical service to your home from the street, your circuits, meter, and panel, all from ESFI. It can help to understand how your electrical system works so you can stay aware, appreciative and safe! Stay Educated and Electrically Safe as a homeowner no matter what time of year!

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Bill’s POV: GFCI Electrical Bill for Swimming Safety

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrically safety news concerning a bill that would enforce the inspection of marinas to be sure GFCIs are present in their electrical system for swimming and boating safety to help save lives from unnecessary electrocution and death. Stay Electrically Safe where you swim!

In response to the GFCI protection needed at marinas, Bill says, “The National Electrical Code has required GFCI protection at marinas for years; codes are often ignored because of ignorance of the dangers involved or careless attitudes. These deaths are another sad example of why these safety codes are so important, and why all your GFCIs, inside and outside, especially by pools, should be checked every month like the instructions that come with the GFCIs state. You can buy a GFCI tester for as little as $10 at any hardware store or you can call an electrician to test them for you.”

Special Thanks to Jim Matheny of WBIR.com for the video and article, Marina Safety Bill proposed in name of electrocuted boys.

Bill’s POV: Hard-Wired Smoke Alarms

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares information about a Super Bowl Fire Safety Challenge planned by Kidde featuring Seattle’s Fire Chief, Gregory Dean and Denver’s Fire Chief, Eric Tade, with a focus on getting fire detectors installed in at-risk homes. One of the issues the NFPA shares is that the main reason smoke alarms don’t sound in a fire is due to missing or dead batteries.

In reply to this issue, Bill says: “For 35 years now, based on International building codes adopted by local building authorities, homes have been required to have hard-wired smoke detection systems; the batteries are for back up when the power goes out. The power doesn’t generally go out until the fire department is on the scene or when the fire is well under way; thus the hard-wired smoke detection system in the home is far better protection than just single station battery-powered-only smoke detectors. Also, for at least 25 years, all of your hard-wired smoke detection systems have been required to have battery back up for each detector. When smoke detectors start beeping and replacing the battery doesn’t solve the problem, it is time to replace all of the hard-wired smoke detectors in the system even if they’re only a few years old. Smoke detectors beeping intermittently are often a sign of at least one malfunctioning unit in the system. The average life of a smoke detector is seven to ten years; even in the instructions it is stated how often the detectors should be replaced. With some inexpensive brands, as often as every five years. Properly operating smoke detectors save lives.”

Special Thanks to FireEngineering.com and to Seattle’s Fire Chief, Gregory Dean and Denver’s Fire Chief, Eric Tade and to the NFPA for this news story, Seattle, Denver Fire Chiefs Agree to Super Bowl Safety Challenge.


For Our Children: Stay Fire Safe!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this video to enhance fire safety awareness for all families by emphasizing the need for smoke detectors in every home. Stay Electrically and Fire Safe as a Homeowner!

Special Thanks to ACI Adjustment Group and the other sponsors on this video promoting Operation Fire Safety and to our local Collin County Texas Fire Fighters.

Bill’s POV: Fire Fighters and Electrical Safety!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical hazard training video with an inside view of what firefighters encounter electrically speaking when they enter a burning building. Bill says that what is discussed in this video is just an example of some of the dangers that our fire fighters are exposed to in every structure they enter that is on fire and the importance of continued training that is so essential for their safety and well being for our benefit.

Bill also says that this is also an example of why our National Electrical Codes are getting considerably more strict in emphasizing life safety devices and expanding the locations in which they are required to help prevent fires and save lives. Examples such as Arc Fault Circuit Interruptors (AFCIs), which are fairly new (about 12 years) slowly being implemented to protect more and more of residential structures with each code; additional requirements for GFCI protection such as a hard wired pool motors; and of course, the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and tamper resistant receptacles are all saving lives and protecting people from injury. Our National Electrical Code is written by the National Fire Protection Agency who reviews fire department reports and investigation reports on causes of death and injury and works together with the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association and other groups to develop and implement these new technologically advanced products, well worth the price to save one from a serious injury or even one’s life.

Special Thanks to Drew Powell, WTVA.com, and to Tupelo Fire Department for this video and of course, to all of our local Collin County Texas Fire Departments.

Make No Mistake! Save Energy and Money for Your Home

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares ways to save energy and money electrically speaking in your home with a focus on turning things off (lights, fans, TVs) and properly installing and using products to save money and energy (windows and water heaters). Initiate energy efficiency and stay electrically safe at the same time as a homeowner!

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Fire Prevention for Homeowners: What YOU Can Do

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares a comprehensive fire prevention check list that covers all areas of your home with a focus on changes you can make RIGHT NOW to help prevention of fires, so matter what room you’re in. Some you can do yourself while others require an electrician. Stay Electrically Safe as a homeowner!

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Solving Electrical Outlet Issues For Prevention of Fire

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares important information about electrical outlets in your home with a focus on use and grounding with upgrades for prevention of fire with tips on necessary changes being made by a qualified electrician. Stay Electrically Safe as a homeowner!

Special Thanks to Journaltimes.com, Lee B. Roberts, Sondergaard Electric, Inc and Gerry Pofahl, chief electrical inspector of the city of Racine for the article, Updating, Maintaining Electrical Outlets is an important part of keeping your home safe.

Fight Fires with Prevention

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares some fire prevention tips for your home with a focus on electrical outlets, wiring and appliance use from a Fire Authority’s point of view. Prevention of fires is really a matter of staying aware and being diligent to replace what wears out and maintain products to keep them in proper working order. Stay Electrically Safe in your home no matter where you live!

Special Thanks to HebdenBridgetimes.co.uk and to Carl Fielden, Watch Manager of Todmorden Fire Department for the article, Top Tips to Avoid Electrical Fires.