Keep Your Kitchen Fire Safe!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares fire safety info from Electrical Safety Council of Hertfordshire County in regards to fire prevention in the kitchen with a focus on cleanliness and maintenance of appliances and other household goods. Stay Electrically Safe in your kitchen!

Special Thanks to, Electrical Safety Council of Hertfordshire, and to Anna Slater for the article, Hertfordshire County Council Backs Electrical Fire Safety Week.

Faulty Electrical Wiring Caused Fire

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this electrically-related news about a bar fire due to a faulty electrical upgrade that started a fire and damaged much of the interior of the building. If you need electrical wiring done for your home or business, be sure to hire a licensed electrician. Most states require an electrical contracting license and proper insurance and a state master licensed electrician to do electrical wiring for homes or businesses. This requirement is to help avoid electrically-related fires and possible injuries and fatalities that go along with them. We’re noticing here in the Dallas metro, we’re getting more and more calls to fix and look at electrical wiring clearly not done by licensed, competant electricians. You can verify the licensing of any electrician in the state of Texas by going to TDLR’s website. You can also file a complaint against an unlicensed electrician through TDLR. Stay Electrically Safe with a licensed electrician!

Special Thanks to and Curtis Johnson for the article, Barcode fire deemed electrical.



Beware of High Voltage Power

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this important warning from Seattle City Light concerning the danger of encountering high voltage power lines or substations. When you see a sign for danger, beware! Stay Electrically Safe indoors and out!

Special Thanks to and Seattle City Light for the article, Safety Around Electrical Equipment Starts with Awareness.

Tree and Shrub Electrical Safety

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this information in regards to maintenance of trees around power lines and in connection with homeowners’s planting shrubs and trees close to power lines in preparation for hurricane season. Stay Electrically Safe as a homeowner with your trees and shrubs.

Special Thanks to and NB Power for the article, Residents urged to think safety when planting trees, shrubs near power lines.

Farm Work Cautions with Utilities

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this important info concerning safety of farm workers around overhead and underground utilities, with a focus on using equipment and being aware of their work surroundings. These cautions can save a life! Stay Electrically Safe when you work outdoors.

Special Thanks to PG&E, PR Newswire, and to those organizers of National Farm Safety and Health Week for this article, PG&E Offers Tips to Farm Workers to Safely Work Around Electric and Gas Lines.

Tree Tips: Caution!!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this vitally important electrical safety information with tips focused on cautions you need to take when trimming your trees near overhead power lines; it is often best to hire a professional rather than risk a dangerous or even fatal shock! Stay Electrically Safe with your work as a homeowner.

Special Thanks to Santa Rosa’s Press Gazette and Tree Care Industry Association for the article, Don’t Touch Trees in Wires; Safety Tips for Do-It-Yourself Homeowners.

Hazards of Old or Sub-Par Wiring

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares these vitally important statistics concerning the common hazards associated with old or sub-par wiring in older homes and the connection of fire and fatality prevention. Stay Electrically Safe no matter the age of your home!

Special Thanks to, Energy Safe Victoria (Australia) and Jim’s Building Inspections for the article, Electrical Hazards in Homes for Sale are Common.

Student Electrical Safety on Campus

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares these important electrical safety tips for fire prevention in association with students and their dorms, whether holding a party, using electrical equipment, or cooking, these tips can be a life-saver! Stay Electrically Safe on Campus!

Special Thanks to for the article, Fire Safety Encouraged for Post-Secondary Students.

Flood Waters and Electricity

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this important information concerning when bad weather hits and flooding occurs in your home and what to do with electrical equipment, appliances and portable generators when they have gotten wet. Stay Electrically Safe in bad weather!

Special Thanks to and Kara Fraser of Electrical Safety Authority for the article, Electrical Safety Tips for When Flooding and Stormy Weather Hit.