Tips For Kids: Electrical Safety!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this important electrical safety information for kids that parents can help teach them, covering items such as electrical outlets, electronics and space heaters. Keep your kids electrically safe!

Special Thanks to TXU Energy for this vitally important information in their article, Electricity Basics: Electrical Safety for Kids.


A Safe Season!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares these electrical safety tips to help you know how to use season-related lights, especially when using other equipment, both indoors and outdoors. Stay Electrically Safe as you decorate this holiday season!

Special thanks to and to Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) for their article, Follow tips to ensure safe season.

Festive Christmas Lights Safely Installed

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares these electrically safe, festive holiday tips for installing Christmas lights. Eliminate any holiday light nightmares with help from these installation recommendations.

Special Thanks to Fulcher Edwards Electrical Services for providing this important electrically safe information with their article, Essential Electrical Safety Tips for Christmas.