No More Holiday Hazards!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares some holiday hazard prevention tips from issues with cords to outlets and heaters; Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) and Home Depot have joined together to encourage this electrical safety.

Special thanks to for hosting and for Ryan Leckey’s post, Avoid Fire Hazards This Holiday Season.

Keep Electrically Safe This Holiday Season with ESFI

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC is delighted to share Top 10 Holiday Safety Tips presented by ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International), which covers holiday decor, your Christmas tree and cooking safety tips. (You can download a copy by following the link.) Special Thanks to ESFI for this vitally important electrical safety information for the holidays. Stay Electrically Safe Today!

Keep Your Holiday Lighting Electrically Safe!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares some holiday lighting electrical safety tips from Southern California Edison spokesperson, William Mesner. Sometimes just making sure the lighting and decor you use is in good condition is a simple way to stay safe. Stay Electrically Safe during your holiday! Special Thanks to DiamondBar-WalnutPatch website and the City News Service for providing this electrically safe article, SCE Offers Holiday Lighting Safety Tips.

What You Need to Know about Electrical Safety Post Hurricane

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this electrical safety information about replacing electrical equipment that has been damaged by storm water. Also included are steps to take to keep yourself shock free and sanitary in connection with storm water. Special thanks to radio station WBAB and to D. Jerry Flaherty, Chief Electrical Inspector of Electrical Inspection Service, Inc, for this valuable and life saving information! Stay Electrically Safe!

Fire Safety Guidelines for Generator Use

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this information on the use of generators offered by the Springfield Fire Department to help keep you electrically safe! Electrical and fire hazards can be avoided when following these guidelines. Special thanks to the Springfield Fire Department and to writer, Adam Bulger, for the article.