Electrical Safety: When It Comes to Swimming Pools

Electrical Safety: When It Comes to Swimming Pools

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety and shock prevention tips with a special focus on swimming pools and what you need to do to protect yourself and prevent electric shock.

Tips include who should install the electrical components for your swimming pool, power lines safety and the protection of the GFCI.

Taking steps to prevent electrical shock is imperative for safety, so Stay Electrically Safe and Smart!

Special Thanks to Olneyentermrise.com, to Olney Enterprise, to TDLR and to Brian E. Francis, TDLR Executive Director, for the article, May is Electrical Safety Month: TDLR Says Make Sure Electrical Work Near Water is Completed by Licensed Electricians.

Electrical Safety: An Electrical License Needs To Be The Real Deal

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares a news event concerning the arrest of a man charged with fraud for using another man’s Master Electrician License number. The dangers of hiring an electrician who is not properly licensed can wreak havoc on your home’s electrical system, considering the possibility of the person’s lack of proper knowledge to do an electrically safe job so you’ll be a safe occupant! Stay Electrically Safe and Smart and be sure that who you hire is legitimately licensed to do the work.

Here is Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC, Bill is a licensed Master Electrician and he is also a Licensed Electrical Contractor, so he is fully qualified to do any kind of electrical work in your home. And you can be assured of a quality job that will ensure your safety as an occupant.