Electrical Safety: Caught in a Storm?


Electrical Safety: Caught in a Storm?

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips with a special focus on the dangers of lightning in thunder storms and how to prevent electrical shock. 

We’ve all been caught in the thunderstorm a time or two, haven’t we? When you see lightning zag across the sky, you want to take cover! 

Why is it that lightning is such a danger during storms if we are outdoors, besides the fact that it is electricity incarnate? 

Just like electricity in a power line is always looking for the fastest path to ground, lightning can also present the same danger. 

And you present, just by being vertical on the ground, a path to ground. Not a good thing. 

Yet, often the first thing we consider when caught outdoors in a storm is to go find cover under a tree in case it starts to pour out. But trees are even more susceptible toward lightning strikes due to their height. And if a tree is struck and you’re under it, you become a part of that path too. Not a good thing. 

So, what can you do to stay safe when caught in a storm? Find shelter if at all possible. If there is none, stay LOW. You are less likely to get struck by lightning if you remain horizontal or at least not like a tree when there aren’t any around. 

Stay Electrically Safe and Smart when a storm erupts to prevent electrical shock dangers from happening to you! 

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