Electrical Safety: Getting All Your Homeowner Ducks in a Row

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Electrical Safety: Getting All Your Homeowner Ducks in a Row

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips with special focus on having your home’s electrical system in full working order and steps to take if something is amiss so you don’t get caught off guard in an emergency. Tips include dealing with possible overloading issues, what to look for and how to remedy any existing problems. Also mentioned are the purpose of GFCI outlets and how they protect you from electrical shock. Proper appliance use and finding energy issues in the home are also addressed. Being prepared and having your home in tip-top electrical condition is a great way to be ready if an emergency should come your way. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner!

Special Thanks to VVDailypress.com and to Ali Sahabi, President of Building Industry Association, for the article, Homeowners: Be Prepared. 

Make No Mistake! Save Energy and Money for Your Home

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares ways to save energy and money electrically speaking in your home with a focus on turning things off (lights, fans, TVs) and properly installing and using products to save money and energy (windows and water heaters). Initiate energy efficiency and stay electrically safe at the same time as a homeowner!

Special Thanks to Foxrio2.com, Networx.com and Carl Seville for the article, 7 Electrical Use Mistakes That Will Cost You.

Save Electrical Energy in 2014!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares some fabulous energy saving tips with a focus on lighting and heating/cooling, such as shutting off lights when not in use, upgrading to energy efficient products and minding your thermostat. Save energy and Stay Electrically Safe at the same time in your home!

Special Thanks to Bulldogenergy.org and US Department of Energy for the article, It’s a New Year and a new opportunity to save both energy and money.

Stay Safe with Christmas Lighting (video)

Bill’s Quallity Electric, LLC shares this electrical safety tip-rich video on staying safe with Christmas lights, both indoor and outdoor, with recommendation on type of lights that are best as well as extension cords and other products to help with fire and shock prevention. Stay Electrically Safe as you decorate this holiday season!

Special Thanks to chch.com, Steve Smith of Electrical Safety Authority and to Morning Live for the video, Electrical Safety.