Bill’s POV: GFCI Electrical Bill for Swimming Safety

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrically safety news concerning a bill that would enforce the inspection of marinas to be sure GFCIs are present in their electrical system for swimming and boating safety to help save lives from unnecessary electrocution and death. Stay Electrically Safe where you swim!

In response to the GFCI protection needed at marinas, Bill says, “The National Electrical Code has required GFCI protection at marinas for years; codes are often ignored because of ignorance of the dangers involved or careless attitudes. These deaths are another sad example of why these safety codes are so important, and why all your GFCIs, inside and outside, especially by pools, should be checked every month like the instructions that come with the GFCIs state. You can buy a GFCI tester for as little as $10 at any hardware store or you can call an electrician to test them for you.”

Special Thanks to Jim Matheny of for the video and article, Marina Safety Bill proposed in name of electrocuted boys.