Electrical Safety: Work Hazard Warning!


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares an incredible electrocution story with a focus on farm electrical safety and why it is to vitally important to speak up and make sure that the circumstances you are working under are safe. Second guessing could cost you your life. Curtis Weber is the focus of this story, with a full detail of the electrical hazards present while he worked with several others on a farm, and the electrocution that took place and his amazing, in-depth recovery. We share this information and story to show the necessity of taking every necessary precaution for work safety, whether out in the farm field or wherever there is electricity present. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart in your work environment!

Special Thanks to PennEnergy.com, to Jordy Byrd, to Mike Spainer and to Curtis Weber, the survivor, for this incredible story article, Utility Safey and High Voltage: Farmhand Survives Electrical Shock on the Job. 

Electrical Safety: Fire Hazards To Be Aware Of


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares an electrical safety word concerning the hazardous possibilities of electrical overload with outlets and power strips. Included are tips to help prevent overload and advice on use and maintenance of your electrical devices in the home to help prevent fires. Also included are electrical fire statistics from the NFPA and their sources. Shared are what to look out for, the hazardous signs, of when your equipment should be replaced to help prevent fires. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner so you can prevent fires where you live!

Special Thanks to WMDT.com, to Lili Zheng, to NFPA and to Kermath Simmons, for the article, Experts Offer Electrical Fire Safety Tips. 

Electrical Safety: Outdoor Issues with Power Lines


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips for this spring time of the year when we are venturing outdoors to get some work done, and the importance of being aware of power lines in our vicinity to help prevent shock or electrocution. Included are specific ways to protect yourself while you work outside, and being aware of electrical equipment before you get started on your projects. Also included are electrical safety tips for your kids when playing outdoors as well as what to do if you see a downed power line. When we keep safety in mind when we head outside, we can help prevent accidents, injuries or even fatalities just by taking proper precautions. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart in the springtime! 

Special Thanks to Oilcitywyo.com and to Mike Felice from Rocky Mountain Power for the article, Springtime is a great time to review outdoor electrical safety precautions. 

Bill’s POV: The Importance of Permits for Electrical Safety


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares an electrical safety word concerning the importance of permits for electrical (and other) work done on your home, depending on what is required by your local building department. Although this resource is focused on a specific county in Ohio, this issue of permits can touch all homeowners no matter where you live. When you work with a contractor, sometimes you have to do the research yourself to determine if a permit is needed for the work you want done in your home so that if it is required, you can get a qualified electrician, etc, to do the work right in the first place. This helps protect you and your home from the possibility of shoddy work being done, which can lead to dangerous circumstances, including the possibility of fire and fatality concerning electrical work.

Bill’s response addressing this permit issue: “This has not always been the case, but, at this point in time, in the state of Texas, most municipalities require that if any new wiring such as conductors, cable assembly, etc, meaning, if you add plugs, lights or switches, and if it’s over 30 volts, require that a permit be issued and the work be inspected.” 

He continues: “Sometimes a homeowner doesn’t want a permit issued because they don’t want a city inspector telling them they have to upgrade certain items in their home. Or they do not want the project to take longer, especially on a remodeling job where multiple inspections are required. It is still in the best interest of the homeowner to have a permit issued when it is required.”

Bill also says that getting a permit issued does cost more because of the extra time involved by the contractor to obtain the permit and to meet with the inspector to go over the work that was done. However, it is still in the homeowner’s best interest to have a permit issued and electrical inspections done for their safety. 

Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner and stay protected when having work done in your home!

Special Thanks to RecordPub.com, to Mike Sever, and to Randall Roberts, Chief Building Official of Portage County, Ohio, for the article, Portage County Building Officials Remind Homeowners to Get Permits for Work.

Electrical Safety: The Fire Dangers of Aluminum Wiring


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety information in regards to the use of aluminum wiring in your home’s electrical system and what you can do to help prevent fires in your home if that’s what you have. Explained are the differences between copper and aluminum wiring and the different hazards presented with aluminum due to many factors with that type of metal. It’s important to be aware of any fire dangers present in your home’s electrical system and what you can do to increase the electrical safety factor to help prevent fires and fatalities. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner by knowing your home’s electrical system and being proactive in preventing fires!

Special Thanks to MC2HomeInspections.com and to Mike Chamberlain for the article, Inspecting Aluminum Wiring. 

Electrical Safety: Kid’s Indoor and Outdoor Tips

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips for kids for both indoors and outdoors, covering outlet safety, such as overload prevention and not mixing electricity with water, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Also mentioned are electrical safety tips to help prevent shock, such as around power lines and being aware of what can be a conductor of electricity so YOU don’t end up one! Stay Electrically Safe and Smart no matter where you are! 

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Electrical Safety: Power Line Pointers for Spring


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips with a focus on working and playing outdoors around power lines, especially if you’re trimming trees or using ladders to get your yard work done. Included are tips for keeping a safe distance from power lines and what to do if you lose something around a power source so you can stay safe from electrocution and not become a power carrier. Being aware of the proximity of power lines around your home when you work and where your kids play can make all the difference toward being proactive with electrical safety. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart as a homeowner and parent this spring!

Special Thanks to Businesswire.com and to Tucson Electric Power (TEP) for the article, TEP Offers Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips for Spring. 


Electrical Safety: A Safe Start to Spring


Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips with a focus on electrical inspections and other maintenance-related tasks we can do to help keep things in order, help prevent fires and help keep our electrically-based products in good running order. And spring is the perfect season for it! Included are tips for your electrical system, your fridge, your dryer and your small kitchen appliances. The more proactive you are as a homeowner with all your home’s electrical contents, the better! Stay Electrically Safe and Smart this spring and enjoy this season of transition!

Special Thanks to GrandLakeNews.com and to Justin Alberty Grand River Dam Authority and ESFI for the article, Spring cleaning means spring electrical inspections.  

Electrical Safety: Proper Power Use

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Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips to help with prevention of fires with an emphasis on the type of wires being used and whether or not the circuits are meant to hold the amount of power you are attempting to use. The reasons of this being a fire hazard are expalined as well as tips on proper use of power strips, space heaters and extension cords as well as how to prevent circuit overload. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart in how you use electricity in your home to prevent fires!

Special Thanks to localnews8.com, to Dennis Valera and to NPG of Idaho for this video, Pocatello Fire Department Shares Electrical Fire Safety Tips.


Electrical Safety: What Hazards to Avoid

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips for your home to help prevent shock, injury, fire or fatality. Tips include what to do with appliances around water as well as proper use of electrical strips to avoid electrical outlet overload, which can lead to fires. This video will help kids see the electrical dangers that can be readily seen in their own homes and how to make it safe. Stay Electrically Safe and Smart no matter your age! 

Special Thanks to OklaElec YouTube Channel and to Culver Media for the video, Indoor Electrical Safety and to the actors in the video!