Check for electrical damage after the storm

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares information for homeowners concerning dealing with damage to their electrical system after a winter ice storm with a focus on getting repairs done with a licensed electrical contractor to be sure it’s done right and to protect your home from further damage or possible shock. Stay Electrically Safe as a homeowner this winter!

Special Thanks to Digital Journal, Canada News Wire and Electrical Safety Authority for the article, Electrical Safety Authority Advises Homeowners to Check for Electrical Damage Even if Power is Restored.

Collisions with Power Poles: Stay Electrically Safe!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares travel cautions when accidents occur with power poles with a focus on staying electrically safe when you’re in a collision. Head the warnings; it could save your life! Stay Electrically Safe on the road as you travel this holiday season!

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Follow Electrical Safety Guidelines for Service

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares some electrical safety guidelines for getting electrical service done on your home, especially after a winter storm that has done some damage with a focus on hiring a licensed electrical contractor and permit information. Stay Electrically Safe this winter as a homeowner!

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Hazards of Downed Power Lines

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares important electrical safety warnings concerning downed power lines after a storm, especially when it’s longer term with snow or ice conditions, including what to do when a downed power line lands on your vehicle while you’re in it as well as the proper distance to keep from a line that’s down. Stay Electrically Safe in stormy weather!

Special Thanks to and to the Canada News Wire and ESA for the articlem, Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority Warns of Extreme Hazard Due to Downed Power Lines.

Decorate Safely with UL Rated Products

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares some vitally important electrical safety tips for your holiday decorating both indoors and out with a focus on use of proper UL rating products such as decorative lights and extensions cords and GFCIs for shock and fire prevention. Stay Electrically Safe as you decorate for the holidays!

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Outdoor Electrical Safety When Decorating

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares some vitally important electrical safety tips in regards to outdoor decorating for the Christmas season with a focus on types of ladders to use, dealing with power line proximity, and types of lights to buy and use of extension cords. Stay Electrically Safe this holiday season as you decorate!

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Prepare Properly for the Holidays

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares electrical safety tips as you prepare for the holidays with a focus on proper decorating with Christmas Trees, what type of lights to use and how to handle extension cords and outlets when decorating. Stay Electrically Safe as you prepare your home for the holidays!

Special Thanks to and to Scott McCloud, AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company Senior Communications Consultant for the article, SWEPCO Safety tips for the Christmas Season.