Homeowners: Be Electrically Responsible!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares these vitally important electrical safety tips to help homeowners protect themselves from fires and other dangerous electrical issues. The video also gives some in-house clues to what to look for to stay electrically safe as a homeowner.

Special Thanks to Chron.com and the Direct Energy Protection Plans for this valuable electrical safety information in the article, Your Home’s Electrical System: What’s Your Responsibility?

Be Safe When There’s Power to Ya!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares these electrical safety tips from Ergon when dealing with power tools, whether you’re doing some home improvements or maintenance. Stay Electrically Safe!

Special Thanks to The Morning Bulletin, Ergon and Sharyn O’Neill for the article, Be Power Safe with Tools This Easter Doing Renovations.

Electrical Safety: Stove Cord Conditions

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this tragic news and electrical safety info on stove cords and being sure they are in good condition. Please stay electrically Safe! It could save your life or the live on your child.

Special Thanks to Gotham-ist and Rebecca Fishbein for the article, Faulty Electrical Cord Sparked Bronx  Fire that Killed 7 Year Old, Officials Say.

Teach Your Kids to Stay Electrically Safe

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this vitally important electrical safety information that will help you teach your kids how to prevent shocks and fires with use of electrical cords and outlets, electronics and appliances, as well as outdoor safety. Help your kids stay electrically safe every day!

Special thanks to Every day life-Global post and Zora Hughes for the article, Electrical Safety Rules for Kids.

Outdoor Electrical Safety from NFPA

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares outdoor electrical safety tips from NFPA which include tips on working around electrical power lines, what equipment to use, and safety around children. Stay Electrically Safe!

Special Thanks to the NFPA blog and Lauren Backstrom for providing this article, New Safety Tip Sheet: Outdoor Electrical Safety and the download available.