Are Your Household Appliances Electrically Safe?

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this electrical safety information in reference to small household appliances. Be sure the products you purchase and use are in quality condition and have necessary standards to keep you electrically safe from shock.

Special thanks to SGS and to Marcus Bombis for the article, Always in the Spotlight: The Safety of Electrical Household Appliances.

The Electrically Stricken Carnival Cruise

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this news of a Carnival Cruise ship fire which was electrically related. Also included are rescue efforts of those aboard.

Special Thanks to The Raw Story website and to Angence France-Presse for providing this article, Disabled Cruise ship previously had electrical problems, Carnival admits.

Electrical Relay traced to Super Bowl Outage

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares this update on the Super Bowl electrical outage and what it has been traced back to with more information and questions about why it was triggered.

Special thanks to CNN for providing this information and to Jason Hanna for his article, Manufacturer Blames Super Bowl Outage on Incorrect Setting.

Electrical Safety: Listen, Look and Replace!

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares these electrical safety hazards and recognizing when it’s time to call an electrician for repair! These hazards can cause electrical fires and need attention. Stay electrically safe!

Special Thanks to Empowered News and Colonial Electric for their article, Colonial Electric Unveils Home Electrical Safety and Security Tips.

Fire Prevention Tips: When to Call an Electrician

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares some electrical safety tips with focus on winter usage of appliances, space heaters, outlets, and extension cords. Also a list of hazards to look for that show you need to call an electrician right away to prevent a fire, etc. Stay Electrically Safe this winter!

Special Thanks to and the Fort Leonard Wood Fire Department for this vitally important electrical safety information in their article, Electrical Fires More Likely in Winter, but Are Preventable.