Top Tech Tips for Electrical Safety

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC shares some top technical electrical safety tips, from plugs to appliances, indoors and out. It pays to pay attention to what’s plugged in where, how different products are being used based on their electrical load and what cautions you can follow to reduce your risk of electrical shock or fire. Stay Electrically Safe!

Special thanks to Tech and Science and to Andy Haynes of AH Electrical Services for his article, Top tips for electrical safety in the home.

A Lifetime of Electrical Safety

Bill’s Quality Electric, LLC is pleased to share these electrical safety tips for your home, indoors and outdoors. This focus is on working with trees and downed power lines as well as outlets, extension cords and appliances. Stay Electrically Safe!

Special Thanks to Oncor for these vitally important electrical safety tips with their article, Lifetime of safety: Top 10 Electrical Safety Tips for 2013.